Another terrible WhatsApp voice note, apparently from a “senior doctor” in Delhi doing the rounds.

He states that in “his experience”, people are dying of complications of the vaccine and that the vaccine should be avoided at this time.

This is idiotic advice.
Apparently, during the “pandemic” with viral particles in the air, it affects how the vaccine acts.

These are bunch of nonsensical words strung together.

These WhatsApp doctors are doing more harm than covid.

Please take the vaccine.
In the voice note, he tells everyone to spread word and make sure your friends and family don’t take the vaccine right now. He’s asking everyone to wait till July or August.

This rationale has no medical basis.

Please do not forward messages from such idiots.
It’s disheartening to know that a doctor would dissuade people from taking a vaccine which would, in all likelihood, prevent a covid death.

Don’t. Listen. To. Idiots.

Don’t. Forward. Stupid. Messages.

Take. The. Vaccine.
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