Women rallied behind the @AITCofficial in large numbers (50% in 2021 for the party, while @BJP4India won 37%). The contrast was even more pronounced among sections such as Adivasis. (see graphic below): https://www.thehindu.com/elections/west-bengal-assembly/women-rally-behind-trinamool-finds-csds-lokniti-survey/article34494083.ece (3/n)
As the election stretched out longer to the later phases, the @AITCofficial's support burgeoned even further. Especially among late deciders/ people who chose their party during the long campaign. ( #COVID19 effect?) https://www.thehindu.com/elections/west-bengal-assembly/longest-elections-did-not-help-bjp-finds-csds-lokniti-survey/article34493006.ece (5/n)
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