#SupremeCourt hearing on #OxygenShortage in #Delhi underway: Centre informs that #Delhi received more than 730 MT of medical #oxygen yesterday, in compliance with the court order.
SG Tushar Mehta adds a survey last evening has revealed all major #Covid
hospitals have sufficient #oxygen & there wasn't a single complaint of stock-out. A large quantity of #oxygen received y'day is still to be distributed by #Delhi, prolonging the turn around time. S
SG Mehta's note further points out #Oxygen to #Delhi has come at the cost of demands by some other states & under the orders of the #SupremeCourt.
#SupremeCourt expresses concerns over #Delhi hospitals sending #SOSes on #OxygenShortage.
These SOSes create panic in the mind of the people, says SC.

SG Mehta asks for #Oxygen audit of #Delhi.
Justice MR Shah: Delhi is alright but major part of our country is rural #India. Equal distribution system to rural india is a must. What about rural India? It can't only be about big cities. Rural #India is suffering.

#SupremeCourt: How are you going to deal with the third surge?

SG Mehta: You tells us

SC: We want you to tell us how are you prepared to deal with this.

SG: Whenever there's an urgent demand, we divert tankers going to some other states to #Delhi

Justice Shah: That's not right.. To take bread from somebody else..

Mehta: I repeat casualty in other states will be beyond our control when we have been ordered to give it to #Delhi.
On a suggestion by the #SupremeCourt to include the doctors waiting for #NEET & nurses who have completed their trainings, SG Mehta points out that a 3rd May office order of health ministry has already asked all states to include them in #Covid management.
#SupremeCourt suggests doctors should be incentivised by additional marks in #NEET.

SG Mehta accepts the suggestion, saying he will put it to the competent authority in the ministry.
Amicus Jaideep Gupta: In Himachal, they are being given ₹1500 to 3000 per day.

SG: One lawyer had also sent me this #WhatsApp but it turned out to be false. Besides, it will be more like an insult to them.

SC: So, it appears to be a fake news.
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