1/n #SadarPranam to every Indian Marxist.

As we celebrated 203rd Birth Anniversary of #KarlMarx, I thought of bringing forth how lowly he thought of India while justifying British Rule upon us.

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2/n I'll first cite excerpts from "The British Rule in India" by Karl Marx published in the New-York Herald Tribune on June 25,1853.

Marx makes it very clear that he never believed in "Golden Past of India."

So, you get it where Marxist Historians have based their notions from.
3/n Karl Marx calls replacement of Hindu Spinner & Weaver's as semi-barbarian & semi civilized community.

He saw their removal by British as the only social revolution ever heard in Asia.

PS: Marx appeared highly racist
4/n Then Karl Marx goes on to humiliate Hindu beliefs of worshiping Hanuman, Cow & nature.

He hints that how British were eradicating these beliefs.

The great philosopher, Marx was so blinded by faith of Man being supreme, could not understand depth of nature worshiping.
5/n Further Marx states, "England, it is true, in causing a social revolution in Hindostan..."

He found it to be an important revolution to awake Asia & then quotes Goethe to romanticize, the India's plight.
6/n This will also give u fair amount of idea,how Marxism carries so much hatred for Hindu Dharma.

Any Marxist who in Kerala seems to be supporting the "Sabrimala"must be asked if so then how he aligns with Marx?

You can't be both Marxist & Hindu. https://twitter.com/Aabhas24/status/1390178998873825281?s=20
7/n Now I'm going to cite from other articles of Marx "The Future Results of British Rule in India."

He found British conquering of India just as normal phenomenon because he saw India always as the land conquered by someone.

He believed Hindus too had conquered India.
8/n Marx then writes, "England has to fulfill a double mission in India: one destructive, the other regenerating the annihilation of old Asiatic society, and the laying the material foundations of Western society in Asia."
9/n It seems Marx was celebrating the destruction of Hindu Society by the British.

And was delighted the stupid idea of "western materialism" was being embedded in India by British.
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