Kailash-Dilip-Shiv-Arvind (KDSA) foursome have dragged the names of our respected Prime Minister and Home Minister through mud and have sullied the name of the biggest political party in the world. Sitting atop Agarwal Bhavan of Hastings (W Bengal BJP’s election headquarters)
and 7-star hotels they have distributed tickets to incoming garbage from Trinamool. Now faced with abuse from party workers they’re staying put there,hoping the storm will blow over.
These people have heaped the worst possible insults on ideologically driven BJP workers and
devout Swayamsevaks who had been relentlessly working for the party since 1980s. Now those very people are suffering the worst persecution from Trinamoolis. But KDSA won’t go to their rescue,won’t even exhort them to fight back. Instead they are trying to draw comfort from
having raised BJP’s
tally from 3 to 77.
A substandard,uninspired, mercenary bunch of people with no political insight,no analytical abilities,no sense of Bengali sensitivities. Education up to CLass VIII and a fitter mistri’s certificate. What do you expect?
Some ask why
don’t I blame the central leadership? A central leadership in a country of 1.3 billion has to be briefed by the state leadership who are just clueless.
Now I apprehend two exoduses from the state BJP. First of course is of the garbage who came from Trinamool and
will now go back. The second may be the old Karyakartas of BJP. Unless they see signs of reform within the party they will also leave. And that will be the end of the party in West Bengal.
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