Since January 6th, the US had been bombarded with non-stop coverage of the attempted pro-Trump coup in DC. However in the months since, far-Right groups and Trump supporters have only continued to build coalitions that includes open white nationalists + sections of the GOP.
"The rally was supposed to be headlined by Republican Rep. Mike Nearman, but he did not speak. Nearman was charged Friday with official misconduct in the first degree" for opening doors at the Oregon capitol to far-Right militants in December.
A week before in Yorba Linda in Orange County, California, Proud Boys, the American Guard, and Trump supporters violently attacked a smaller Black Lives Matter counter-protester. Attackers later bragged online that they were armed and coordinated with local enforcement.
"Despite the months of tough rhetoric from Democrats, media + the intelligence agencies, this open relationship between the fascist Right and rank-n-file law enforcement remains just as strong as it ever was and results in the violent suppression of grassroots organizing."
This relationship - which apparently hasn't stopped the Proud Boys from engaging in numerous violent attacks + assaults - mirrors the State's relationship to KKK + neo-Nazis in the late 1970s - when fascists killed 5 anti-Klan activists in Greensboro, NC.
It seems that the FBI is cultivating a similar relationship within groups like the Proud Boys, in order for them to act as an independent vehicle for violence against the State’s enemies: autonomous social movements from below.
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