Let’s start a thread of your favorite vegan tacos or mexican dishes. Some information about Cinco de Mayo will also be in this thread and feel free to add to it. 🌱🌮 I’ll go first!!!
A lot of people think Cinco de Mayo is Mexican independence day, but it is NOT. Don't be ignorant. This day pays tribute to the victory of the outnumbered Mexican army over the French army at the 1862 Battle of Puebla during the Second Franco-Mexican War.
Mexico celebrates independence day on September 16th. Cinco de Mayo may be a day for most americans to drink tequila and eat tacos, but this day in many parts of Mexico is considered a work day. Also not every state in Mexico celebrates Cinco de Mayo.
I think it's important to say do not use today to dress up or further any racist stereotypes about Mexicans. If you want to get wasted on a Wednesday with your friends then fine, but that is not what today is about.
Today is a day to celebrate what many thought was an infeasible victory. I may also add drink responsibly and make today great!
Also I hope this sheds light on more vegans of color. It is possible to enjoy your favorite cultural dishes as a vegan. Okay, now I am done. Be blessed!
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