An independent human rights board of inquiry has found that two Halifax Regional Police officers discriminated against a man "on the basis of his race and/or colour" when ticketing him for jaywalking.
After chastising him for jaywalking, constables Paul Cadieux and Steve Logan "decided to target the Complainant for further investigation and surveillance. Race was a factor in this decision."
Logan admits they were targeting the complainant. Cadieux says he was just walking really slowly because he had stiff muscles.
"Deescalating tactic" is very trendy police parlance these days, even when it doesn't make much sense.
"Cst. Logan’s explanations for his actions
were untenable. Cst. Cadieux’s explanations for his actions ... were less than candid."
When these incidents come up, people will often jump in to say that the Complainant brought it on themselves by not being meek and agreeable with police. The decision has a response to that.
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