THREAD: What’s happening in Sheikh Jarrah?

1) Four Palestinian families are facing eviction from their Jerusalem homes in the #SheikhJarrah neighborhood.


Photo credit: Ahmad Gharabli/AFP
3) All Israeli settlements, built on stolen Palestinian land, are illegal under international law.

Sheikh Jarrah has long been coveted by Israeli settlers. In 2009, settlers evicted three families from their homes in the neighborhood.
4) Today, more than 200 Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah face forced eviction.

Israeli settlers want to take over all of Sheikh Jarrah to strengthen their hold over occupied Jerusalem, where Palestinians are denied equal rights.
5) Israeli forces brutalized Palestinians protesting against the impending eviction of the four families in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem.

Here an Israeli soldier has his knee on a Palestinian’s neck.
6) The families defending their homes from settlers have been met with violence from Israeli forces and settlers.

Photo credit: Ahmad Gharabli/AFP
7) This is part of a wider Israeli push to change the demographic of Jerusalem by removing all Palestinians and replacing them with Israeli Jewish settlers.
8) Israeli settlers, with the support of the Israeli government, are once again making Palestinians homeless.

When will we seek actual accountability for these ongoing human rights violations?

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