Highlighting researchers studying sex differences: a thread of amazing scientists you should follow!🧵 #SABV (@ this account and use #SABVscientists if you'd like to be added!)
. @patosilveyra leads the @silveyralab where she studies sex differences in lung disease and how physiological fluctuations in sex hormone levels can influence lung health. She published the first book ever to describe sex differences in lung physiology: https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030635480
. @tweetnicolepete is a neuroscientist @UCLA studying how ovarian hormones affect brain structure and function. Her recent paper showed how oral contraceptives change cortical structure. Get in touch if you’re interested in joining her lab! 👀 https://www.nature.com/articles/s41380-020-00990-2
. @DrLJBrady is a postdoctoral researcher at Vanderbilt in @thecalipariLab studying sex differences in cholinergic regulation of dopamine release underlying motivated behavior https://twitter.com/TheCalipariLab/status/1338524014025859076?s=20
. @yeseniatweets is a neuroscience PhD student at Emory working with @birdbrainlab to investigate how sex differences are reported in the biological sciences and which statistical approaches are used. Check out the lab’s website to learn more! https://www.birdbrainlab.org/science-of-sex-differences
. @avwllms is a recent grad of @UCDavisPsych with @trainorlab & just starting a postdoc with @Bangasser_Lab! She's interested in how prolonged stressful experiences in social environments translate into maladaptive social and reward-seeking behaviors. http://nature.com/articles/s41386-020-0657-4
. @MaTeFerretti is a neuroscientist and co-founder of @womensbrainpro. Learn more about her and watch her TEDxTalk on precision medicine in Alzheimer’s disease here: http://www.womensbrainproject.com/team/mariateresa-ferretti-phd/
. @hhunsber is a postDoc at @Columbia studying Alzheimer's disease. In this video with @MelNuesch, she talks about sex differences in AD, its link with anxiety and how this has predictive potential.
. @emilyjacobs is an Assoc Prof of Psych & Brain Sciences @ucsantabarbara. Her lab is revealing sex hormones’ powerful influence on the architecture of the human brain. Check out this thread on her research from last year - https://twitter.com/DrJenniStevens/status/1286299420552765440?s=20
. @ChantalRytz is a PhD student @UCalgaryMed studying the cardiovascular effects of gender-affirming estrogen therapy (GAET) in transgender women. Her goal is to improve the understanding of the use of GAET to create safe hormone therapy guidelines.
. @meradfor is an Assistant Professor at @UNC_SOM. She studies the effects of inhaled toxicants on respiratory immune health. Her recent paper identified dysregulated immune responses to influenza infection in e-cigarette users. https://www.atsjournals.org/doi/10.1165/rcmb.2020-0164OC
. @corriveaunick is a neuropsychologist and a research fellow at Mayo Clinic. Part of his research focuses on sex differences in functional brain networks in aging and dementia.
. @JWMillington is a PhD candidate @ubclifesciences. He found that the sex-biased regulation of insulin signaling during development controls the sex difference in nutrient-dependent body size plasticity. http://lsi.ubc.ca/2021/01/20/rideout-lab-discovers-the-molecular-mechanism-behind-food-related-body-size-changes-in-females/
Travis also wants to promote the Women's Health Research Cluster ( @ResearchonWH) as a hub for #SABV seminars & blogs, as well as their trainee presentation series that welcomes trainees to present their research. https://womenshealthresearch.ubc.ca/home 
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