Burka district of Baghlan province has fallen to the Taliban almost without any fighting. The govt's civilian & military leadership of the district has retreated to Nahrin district. Pro-Taliban channels shared several images from the district. #Afghanistan
VIDEO from Burka district of Baghlan showing heavy Taliban presence in the area. Multiple buildings and abandoned ANDSF outposts were looted. #Afghanistan
At least one abandoned Ranger vehicle spotted in Taliban custody. #Baghlan #Afghanistan
Taliban released official statement on the fall of Burka district of Baghlan. #Afghanistan
Taliban appear to have captured few vehicles in Baghlan, including Humvees. #Afghanistan

Another video from Burka, Baghlan, following its capture by Taliban. Heavy presence of Taliban fighters in the area. #Afghanistan
These Talib dudes look pretty pleased with themselves. #Baghlan #Afghanistan

Ariana News report on the fall of Burka district of Baghlan province. #Afghanistan

Taliban fighters in Burka district center. #Baghlan #Afghanistan
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