This line in the report of the cladding expert at the Grenfell Tower Inquiry essentially says the govt has been wrong to claim it had banned the cladding used on Grenfell and elsewhere before the fire
A long and technical background to this, but in a nutshell govt guidance before Grenfell set the standard for 'external surfaces of walls' as Class 0, despite warnings that this was permitting combustible materials dating right back to 1999
Govt has ducked this by saying another paragraph which referred to 'filler material' essentially banned the combustible core of the cladding panel. I've heard lots of people say this was rubbish and today the inquiry expert agreed.
This doesn't mean those who sold and installed the cladding did nothing wrong: there are multiple other failures they are accused of (eg, use of combustible insulation). The specific panels on Grenfell were never even tested to Class 0 despite being certified and marketed as such
What it is very important for is showing a causative route between what happened at Grenfell and the UK govt's 'red tape' cutting agenda pre-fire, as well as the expert advice it was given that everything was fine and its consequent failure to update its guidance post-Lakanal
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