Dear Friends,

I have a very sincere request for you. When you vote tomorrow, please think about *who* you want vote in - and out.

In the last few years we have seen the futures of our children ruined by selfish politicians for personal gain.


We have seen the media compromised, witnessed propaganda and the death of 100,000's of our loved ones. All those deaths were not necessary.

We have seen the public funds we work for given to friends of politicians, even their own family members.


We have seen the law misused and democracy in chains.

Tomorrow we have a chance.

Tomorrow we can stop it. We can vote for people who are good. We can vote to repair the damage our society has suffered. We can stop the extremism and selfishness.


We can stop the riches 1% who take your taxes but pay none themselves.

It's not just about the UK vs the EU or Scotland's #indyref2. It's about Truth vs Lies. It's about democracy vs authoritarianism. It's about Hope vs Hate.

#Brexit was a lie.


Our politicians and their parties should meet the standards of the Nolan principles of:


People who devote their public life to putting you first


A party that thinks family comes first and would cheat on their loved ones.



Someone who stands against corruption and refuses to make decisions that benefit their friends but think of society first


A representative who answers you. Someone who will resign if they break the ministerial code.



People who are warm hearted and kind, have nothing to hide and can be completely open with you. Someone who shows their true feelings, not a fake cry or 'refuses to confirm or deny' or says 'there is no evidence'. We care about the truth.



Someone who would never lie to their loved ones and would never lie to you. A party who bases their 'winning' on lies and manipulates newspapers is a party who will harm your life to get what they want.



The person you elect is not just a public employee but a role model. Do you want your children to grow up to be like them? Do you trust them? Are they brave and loyal? Would they risk their security to save you? Are they a true leader?


When social distancing ends, how close will we really be? It's true that we've been 2 meters apart for over a year but we have be miles apart for 5.

We might find that we are at odds with one another, because we are asking the wrong questions.


The question we really need to ask is, what do we want from society? Our social values are the most important.

Without community, we have no society. Without trust we have no friends. Without hope we have no future.

Tomorrow we get a chance.


We get a chance to rally and really breathe again, to trust one another.

Propaganda did this to us, we are better than this.

We're good people.

Vote for good people.


Vote for someone to represent you with Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty, and Leadership.

Because that is who you are.

Every vote counts. 1% is usually the deciding amount in an election in the right places.


If you don't vote, 100 other people need to make up your vote.

Please, go and vote on behalf of your loved ones.

Vote for something better than yesterday.

We have more honour than this.


Your vote counts. You really matter. What you do tomorrow sets the stage for the next General Election, which may come sooner than you think.


Do the right thing and #NeverVoteConservatives

#NeverVoteConservative #NeverTrustATory #DontVoteConservative #DontVoteTory

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Thank you for reading my letter... I hope you and the people you share it with will #NeverVoteConservative

Our lives depend on it

PPS. Boris Johnson's Brother, Jo Johnson..

..became a Director of Dyson ( #ToryBrexitDisaster )..

..just 30 days before they got a Government contract for 10,000 ventilators worth ÂŁ250M!

#NeverVoteConservatives #ToryCorruption #ToryCriminals #ToriesOut
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