let's talk hypothetically. what if there was a secret religion that practiced pedophilia and human sacrifices, but like, in a systematic way? would this explain why high-level rings keep coming up? what if I told you that this exists?
in the past, I've tried to look into "actually existing pedophile and/or murder cults", but today I'm gonna try to reverse-engineer the formula and look at the theory, such as it is, for this secret religion. lfg.
as always, I gotta front-load my disclaimers. I'm not an expert on this stuff, but I've tried to read as much as I could about this strain of ritual magick.

I'm not that interested in defending magick, but I ought to say that the majority of people doing magick aren't sus in...
the same ways. I'm also not interested in people who are gonna feel the need to defend Crowley (one day I might do a thread about him specifically), so I'm not gonna argue about him today
but just be aware that I'm looking at a particular type of black magick; this suspicion doesn't apply to most poly sex nerds who practice some kind of magick
“There is, in fact, little difference between the world view of the occultist and the nagging fears of the conspiracy theorist"

- Peter Levenda, lol
speaking of, he said "The art and science of psychology began to encroach on some aspects of the initiatory process. Add to that the use of hallucinogenic drugs and another secret chamber of esotericism had been breached by technicians and tinkerers and government grants..."
"Why do magic, then, when you can drop acid? Or undergo a few years of depth analysis? Or go into a trance watching television or listening to your iPod? There was only one thing left and it was the hallmark of ceremonial magic. Communication with the Unseen.”
as phrased by the Typhonian Order:

"The central concern of Magick is communion with discarnate or extraterrestrial Intelligences"

non-human entities, in other words, which could be interpreted as angels, demons, aliens, spirits, some kind of entities.
what are we talking about, here? we're talking about Kenneth Grant (1924–2011), a British magician who was interested in Tantra, Hinduism and Theosophy before becoming interested in Aleister Crowley. He worked as Crowley’s personal secretary at the end of Crowley’s life.
Grant had some claim to the OTO leadership (disputed by magick nerds), but ended up falling out with the leadership and founded a separate yet similar group, the New Isis Lodge (LaRouche alarm siren).
Grant also befriended Austin Osman Spare, the artist/magician who developed theory and practice around sigils, something that Grant also tried to incorporate.
Grant began to explore elements of voodoo and HP Lovecraft, and to fold them into his idiosyncratic interpretation of Thelema. He established the Typhonian OTO, which was a more self-directed system than the other OTO.

(Savile-ass looking woman)
another disclaimer: I'm not criticizing non-Western spirituality (voudoun, tantra, buddhism) but how they've been used by these specific guys
in fact, Levenda said (of Crowley, and therefore also of Grant):

"In this, perhaps, he was typical of the stereotypical New Ager, who is a spiritual dilettante and who picks over ancient religious traditions like a shopper in a fruit and vegetable stand"
so let's get into Grant's magickal system. the dude wrote like 24 books and I've only read like 2, so it would be fair to say that I'm dramatically generalizing, but these are the aspects that seem most pertinent to the topic at hand:
for one thing, they're into the Gnostic concept of the demiurge:

"the serpent in the Garden of Eden was actually the True God, and that the Creator of the world was a demiurge, a lesser being who intended to enslave Adam and Eve for his own purposes"
I'm not gonna like, argue the point, but let's just say that I think the demiurge is something an entity like Satan would make up and lie about, and leave it at that. if you don't believe about any of this, that's fine too; we'll have some good materialist critique later
the other points I'll go through are:
2. a "inverse" kabbalah tree of life
3. the "mauve zone"
4. lots of sex magick
5. Lovecraftian gods as real entities

the main thing to emphasize is that this is explicitly an exploration of "left-hand path" shit, right?
first, the concept of the inverse sephirot, which requires you to know what the sephirot is, "10 attributes/emanations in Kabbalah, through which Ein Sof (The Infinite) reveals himself and continuously creates both the physical realm and the chain of higher metaphysical realms"
“the Kabbalists of the Middle Ages held that it was the duty of pious Jews to engage in sexual intercourse on the Sabbath in order to help the “shards”—the broken pieces of the sephirot, the result of an oddly-failed attempt at the Creation—reunite and redeem themselves..."
"and by extension the whole world so that the Shekinah herself can reunite with her Bridegroom. These shards are known as the qlippot, and Crowley devoted one rather strange document to their study, Liber 231..."
"It attracted the attention of Kenneth Grant in the Typhonian Trilogies because it seemed to offer a kind of blueprint to the Tunnels of Set: the darkside of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the pathways that connect its various power zones"
in normal kabbalah, "Between the 10 sefirot run 22 channels or paths which connect them, a number which can be associated with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Together the spiritual forces of the 10 sefirot and the 22 connecting channels are called the "32 Paths of Wisdom"
basically Grant states that there's an inverse kabbalah 22 connecting channels, but a source of evil power, inasmuch as that concept has any meaning for them
“According to the Golden Dawn system of interpreting the Tree of Life, there is a “space between” the lower seven sefirot and the upper three. This “space between” is referred to as the Abyss. It is sometimes believed to be the realm of another sefirah, Daath..."
"In diagrams of the Tree this sphere is often shown with a dotted instead of a solid circle to signify that it is not a “true” sefirah in the scheme of things but a “shadow sphere.”
"In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Da'ath was the subject of much speculation. To Grant, Daath is the “Outer Gateway” to the Mauve Zone. It is a kind of “anti-sefirah.”
in order to access the 'mauve zone', “The methods used to “derange the senses” or alter perception may include drugs, alcohol, fasting, or other tools that are potentially dangerous to the human organism and counter-intuitive when it comes to discussing the health and...
"survival of the body. It is as if the body's normal systems and processes must be challenged in order that a space be made for the new experiences. This is because our minds and bodies are part of an integrated “psychosomatic” system..."
"an effect on one will have an impact on the other. This is what Grant calls the “retroversion” of the body's normal processes. Retroversion is a method he identifies specifically with Set, the Dark Lord—as Set represents “evil” in the cosmic scheme"
“Typhon [Set] —the Dark Lord—as the operative Power of what he termed the “Mauve Zone” on the hidden side of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and the place from whence all true magical power originates”
“according to Grant, for it is the Mauve Zone that is the source of all human creativity, imagination, fascination, and obsession. It is represented in the microcosm by a zone that exists between the dream state and the deeper, dreamless state..."
“and is the source of artistic impulses and contact with divine and demonic forces. But these are its positive characteristics. There are negative ones as well, and they are the forces that challenge the magician on an individual basis just as they confront society in general."
"These are the demonic forces that so frighten the protagonists of the Lovecraft ouevre. And summoning them—or any aspect of the Mauve Zone—can have disastrous consequences.”
additionally, Grant has a throwaway line about the tunnels of Set being concerned with something he cavalierly calls

"unorthodox forms of sexual congress"
there's a discussion of UFOs, but more importantly, this brings us to our next point,

“Sexuality is the key that opens the Gate to the Mauve Zone.”
so, sex magic is a pretty popular concept that extends across all kinds of religions and popular culture; I don't think it's inherently suspect.

but I think it's fair to interrogate where Grant's going with this
in the cinematic classic JFK (1991), Kevin Bacon plays Willie O'Keefe, a gay hustler involved with David Ferrie and the gay fascist underground
he says "You don't know shit 'cause you've never been fucked in the ass!" which is essentially a concise summary of Crowley's magick.

not that this reflects poorly on gay sex, of course, I'm just saying this is an essentially magickal view.
Crowley and Grant were both extremely into Kundalini yoga (in their spiritual dilettante way), and viewed it as one of the sources for their understanding of sex magick.

in fact, they insisted that Kundalini yoga opened gates into those tunnels of Set
interestingly, they asserted that performing the Gnostic Mass was itself Kundalini yoga in action
another great line is "Set will have sex with anything"

like, anything?

yes, that is what they're getting at...
bearing in mind that most religious secret doctrines sound stupid when you just state them outright [pic related], I'm gonna reveal the Typhonian secret to sex magick
"For, there is absolutely no doubt that there resides in the subtle effluvia of certain magically charged vaginal vibrations the alchemical substance or essence which, correctly extracted and imbibed..."
"can so transform the human body-mind complex as to render it capable of fulfilling the definition of magick by 'causing change to occur in conformity with will'”
essentially, eating pussy is the great secret of sex magick.

that might sound based, but it gets weirder than just oral sex. there's a whole process of collecting this 'effluvia', which Grant calls 'kalas', and each one does something different depending on the day of the month
for one thing, there's a belief that ritualized sex magick can birth nonhumans into the world.

second, there's an interesting aspect of this concept - the recurrence of the number "16" re the kalas
"Shodashi (S) “the Sixteen,” a reference to the goddess Lalita Tripurasundari and also a reference to the number of kalas, or etheric vaginal secretions of some forms of Tantra and of Typhonian magic."

Shodashi is also known as "Lalita"
"Lalita is usually depicted as a sixteen-year-old girl"
Grant's books take seriously the concept that sex, fear, and horror all open gates which allow a person to contact non-human entities.

and if you combine all three?
to switch topics for a minute, various people have pointed out a series of curious parallels between Lovecraft's stories and Aleister Crowley and his magickal workings.

and like, without pushing the point too far, there's a lot to compare
Crowley wrote about a "Tutulu" which sounds like Cthulhu, Lovecraft wrote "the Beast in the Cave" and Crowley was known as the Beast and channeled the Book of the Law vaguely like the story, there's a bunch more if you wanna look them up
Levenda said “To Grant and Lovecraft, plumbing the depths of the unconscious mind is not metaphorically similar to plumbing the depths of deep space, they are different ways of expressing the same thing.”
"Lovecraft instinctively understood that extreme or at least non-traditional forms of sexuality were somehow linked to magic, occult power, and contact with supramundane entities. Lovecraft's instincts thus are linked to Crowley's magic and revelations."
I'm not that interested in all the weird correlations in his stories; but Lovecraft's basic worldview as represented in his stories appear to be vaguely synchronous to Crowley's beliefs.

Grant (and others) basically built this idea into a magickal system
now, I've got no problems with Voodoo or Hinduism. I don't even -really- have an issue with Vajrayana Buddhism, although I have massive issues with Tenzin Gyatso, the so-called "Dalai Lama".

that said, there's a couple things in Vajrayana Buddhism that Grant fixates on...
“In the rituals of the Kalachakra Tantra—the form of Vajrayana Buddhism practiced in Tibet by the Dalai Lama into which he has initiated people all around the world—there are instructions for the preservation of urine and faeces in special jars at various points of the Mandala”
in the words of Crowley, “That which repels, that which disgusts, must thou assimilate in this Way of Wholeness.”
so, remember the Finders cult?

Customs raided their warehouse and found:

-instructions for obtaining children
-telex machines and computers
-evidence of money transfers to the UK
-child p*rn
-A photo album of a blood ritual

but what else?
why, Customs also found "Many jars of urine and feces"

which, apart from being an insane person thing to do, is also a practice in Kalachakra tantra as well as Grant's idiosyncratic magickal practices
what's the purpose of jars of urine/feces?

"to demonstrate that there are no “bad” substances, no “ugliness” in the world, but that all is a manifestation of the Goddess, and there is no purpose in preferring one substance over any other."
now, another interest of Grant's is "Sri Vidya, or “Holy Knowledge.” It is an important Tantric sect whose main feature is the three-dimensional Sri Meru Chakra (a form of the Sri Yantra), and the worship of the youthful goddess Lalita Tripurasundari."
Sri Vidya practices "Panchamakara, or, the “Five M's.” One term for the central ritual of Tantra involving the breaking of tabus (represented by five words beginning with the letter M) and at times sexual intercourse."
"Since the goal of Sri Vidya is essentially 'advaita' and the negation of all duality, the rituals themselves emphasize that there is no difference between the worshipper and the worshipped: that, in effect, everyone and everything is the Goddess."
"Eventually all sense of self disappears. The use of nudity and sexuality in these rituals, which can be as physical or as virtual as the leader determines, is designed to remove all sense of “otherness” by conquering shame, fear, and carnal desire."
“The final, and most controversial, form of Sri Vidya is the Vamachara practice. The devotees of Vamachara are the groups that meet in cemeteries and crematory grounds, and which see the Goddess in her terrible and frightening aspect."
"The idea is to transcend even the grossest, most loathsome aspects of creation, of humanity, of reality. To see the Goddess in the corpses of the cremation ground, to smell Her perfume in the stench of burning flesh, and to hear Her voice..."
"in the hideous sounds of an Indian cemetery in the night is the height of spiritual piety. And when the Vamachara circle goes to the extent—as some of them do—to perform panchatattva or panchamakara (the ritual of the Five M's that includes maithuna or sexual contact)..."
"in the intimate, overwhelming presence of corpses is to conquer death and to bring all of creation back to a single point: death and the act of conception taking place in the same location, decay and desire obliterating the boundary between this world and the next.”
another aspect of Tibetan Buddhism is the kapala, a skull cup:

“The kapala—the human skulls used as sacrificial vessels in the more shamanistic of the Tibetan Buddhist rituals—were sometimes selected from appropriate victims while they were still alive and using them."
"The requirements for these skulls are complex and specific; there was no way one came across an appropriate skull by accident. It had to be by design. The same for the skulls to be used for the damaru, the ritual drums."
my point is not to crap on Tibetan Buddhism, and you can find fucked up shit in Western culture, but my point is one that Levenda and Grant both bring up, that the Tibetans weren't using skull cups for like, no reason. in terms of spiritual tech, maybe it actually does something?
that said, fuck this guy.

on to other topics

(we're close to being done, I promise)
"the Sign of our Race"

oh, I'd love to hear what they mean by that
“Let's look at the 24th Tunnel of Set, that known as Niantiel.

Kenneth Grant describes what was seen on a tour of this Tunnel, this scary back alley on the Tree of Life. And it's not pretty."
"It's about a Death Cult whose members “became addicted to necrophilia.” The ritual involves sex with a “ritually slain woman dedicated to the deity with whom contact was sought.” As we have learned, the occult policy of Grant's Typhonian Order is contact with discarnate...
"intelligences, and in this case, both the Intelligence and the Vehicle are discarnate. According to Grant, virgins were kept especially “sequestered” for these rituals. Once slain, sex with the corpse was almost immediate as the astral form of the slain woman was sent..."
"to a realm between earthly and “post-mortem consciousness.” All of this was to enable the magicians to use the freshly-liberated spirit of the victim to travel to the desired realm and communicate what she saw back to the cult.”
in relation to this, I learned about Austin Osman Spare's concept of the death posture, which is "an intense, physically exhausting technique that uses the link between mind and body to deeply imprint personal goals onto the mind..."
"By straining the body to its limits, the mind is moved to a state of "gnosis" that acts as a doorway to the unconscious, making any visualizations or affirmations done using this method extremely powerful. It is not a beginner's method, but it is extremely effective"
so uh, what's this make you think of?

this is just the tip of the fucking iceberg on "sus Lynch"
Grant said "Of Black Temple Work, 'it was concerned with death, and certain "cults of death" rites in both esoteric Voudoo and Tantra come from this tradition'"
"the necromancy of the black brothers, on the other hand, consisted of physical contact with the dead, and many adepts of the death cult became addicted to necrophilia. the practice involved sexual congress with a ritually slain woman..."
"dedicated to the deity with whom contact was sought...a sect of necromancers sequestered specially selected virgins for post mortem traffic with the gods. sexual congress occurred shortly after death."
so, hypothetically, what are we talking about?

the high ritual magick basis for Epstein's crimes, for one thing
let's again quote the most paranoid man alive, LaRouche, on this: "The central, syncretic ideology of the oligarchy's inner cult life is the revived Egyptian drug cult, the myth of Isis and Osiris, the same anti-Christian cult that ran the Roman Empire...
"And like the ancient Isis-worshipping Egyptian dynasties, the British ruling family networks have maintained power for centuries by keeping the secrets of their intrigues within the family.”

was he right?
all I'm saying is that there -is- a high ritual magick basis for sex and murder cults, and you can find it in Kenneth Grant's works, among others.
you don't have to believe in magick, you just have to realize that there are people out there who do, and commit crimes motivated by it
maybe when the most powerful people in society are shown to be into some diseased, sick shit, we can stop acting like they're all discreet, unconnected events, and realize there's a pattern of sociopathic behavior and -just maybe- an underlying excuse for these behaviors
blackmail operation? sure, but what's prompting elites to act this way? other than their appetites.

I'm just saying this might explain the fucking temple on Epstein's island
this is all hypothetical, of course.

I mean, honestly, who knows?
in conclusion, you should find a spiritual practice that isn't black magick or satanism and follow it; literally anything you pick would be better. just try to be good people.

thanks for reading, god bless
oh, and the books I read were Levenda's the Dark Lord, and Grant's Nightside of Eden, as well as a shit-ton of websites. almost all the quotes are from these books and occasionally Wikipedia
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