There'll be a bye-election soon in my area. Housing will be one of the main issues. FF and FG seem determined to continue their dreadful approach to housing and hand the country to SF on a plate. If any of them pretends that this is a new problem, it's not.

This is from 2006.
This is from 2008
This is from 2014
This is from 2016
This is from 2017
This is from 2018
This is also from 2016 (out of sequence - ooops)
I could add many more.

The housing crises in Ireland have been inflicted deliberately and repeatedly. High housing costs are popular with much of the electorate. If Ireland is politically handed to the allies of murderers (SF) then there's no-one else to blame.
Here's one maybe worth adding....from 2017. Perhaps the political constituency for affordable housing has finally gotten big enough. A shame it's being expressed through the appalling shower that is SF
And sadly I could include additional pieces from earlier, later, during, and in multiple places.

But none of it helped. Ireland has been too wedded to the idea that housing costs rising is a good thing to pay attention. And housing costs rising isn't a good thing.
Just adding one more to this thread 'cos I'm annoyed at how the govt parties are pretending this is all news. Here's my view on what they were going to do, from 2012. And it's what they did.
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