CW: Suicide, Bullying, Death, blood and Gore.

"Can you make body for me?"

He receives a wide grin and small chuckles.
The scene is disgusting.

Blood and guts scattered all over it's gaping stomach. Feathers ruffled and it's head is missing. Yet he stares in
fascination and like any child pokes the dead bird with a stick. As he did so a small piece of muscle fell out of the opening.

It was the birds heart.

Whatever pushed him to pick it up and put it in his pocket he doesn't know. He just did and went home.
He forgot all about it as he reaches his room, got dressed and had diner with his family.
His mother comes into his room and all complains about his clothes scattered all over before coming down to do the laundry.

He gets jolted up and ran down the to
laundry room to his screaming mothers voice.

"What on earth is this brat?!" She shows his the inside the pocket of his shorts he wore three days ago.

Dewy, pinkish red and fresh as the first day he saw it, the bird's heart.
Katsuki was 4 years old.


The scene is disgusting.

Blood and guts scattered all over. The head was crack open.

He can't stop staring.

Blood. There was so much blood! On the ground, on his clothes, on his hands as he tries in useless attemps to scoop the blood and guts
back to the gaping torn cut on his chest.

He can't stop crying.

/Stop following me around!/

"Why?" The tears wont stop.

/Useless shit! You think you can be a hero?!/

"Why?!" The blood won't stop.

/Huh? A quirkless looser like you is applying to UA?/

"Deku why??!!"
/Kacchan, I like you. I really like you./

Katsuki sobs. Nothing is working.

/Huh?! Why would I like someone who's quirkless?/

He holds on to cold hands clamy bloody hands with his own.

/Maybe if you swan dive of the roof and get a quirk in your next life./
"I lied! It was a lie!"

He doesn't like Deku. No he doesn't, he loves him.

"Why did you believe in me?!"

He loves him and knew Deku loved him back. He took that granted and thought Deku would always be there. Right behind him, following him and will always wait for him
because Deku was stubborn that way. But not today, he actually listen to Katsuki today.

/Take a swan dive off the roof./

"Why did you listen to me? When all these times you never did?!"

The breeze is cold in the pitch black of the night and so are Deku's hands.

No one was coming and he didn't bring his phone. Deep inside him he knew it was too late.

Katsuki held the boys limp body into his arms.

Deku had always had Katsuki's heart and now Deku was going to take it with him to his grave. Forever shattered with guilt and dispair.
But no... If Deku is stubborn so is Katsuki.

His mind is blank, his red eyes with no shine stared back at the dead body and lays him back down on the bloody pooled ground.

With shaking hands he rips open Deku's chest and tore out his heart.

Red with blood and still warm.
He holds it close to his chest. Deku's heart. The heart that loves Katsuki. Holds is close until a soft light reflects from his hands.

He looks at the boys cracked head. Now for the brain.

Katsuki was 15 years old.
"I got into UA." He places his bag down on his bed.

"I got the highest score. Even in rescue points." He kneels down under his bed and took them out, placing them on the study table.

"I'm getting into UA, everyone there has quirks."
He caresses the jar's cold glass with his hand.

"I'm sure one of them would have a quirk that can get you back... to me." he holds the jar into his arms and close his eyes as he hugs it tight.

"I'll find that person there and you'll be back and you'll still remember me right?"
"I'll find a way. Just wait for me Deku."

Katsuki stands in his room, hugging the jar containing Deku's brain and heart.

Dewy, pinkish red and fresh as the day Deku died.
"You should have seen the sports festival. I blasted them all up." He sits on the floor besides his bed.

"Forced the half n half bastard to use the left side of his quirk." He snickers at the memory before he smiles fondly.
"If you were there you have took your nerdy notes on all of the students wouldn't you. If you were there you would cheered for me and you'd say those stupid words you always say to me."

/You're amazing Kacchan!/

"You would right?" Katsuki holds the jar closer to him.
"I'm sorry Deku." His voice is low as he pulls near his face, placing his forehead on the glass.
"There was no one with a quirk in UA that can bring you back. I checked even the staffs." The glass fogs up from his breath. He can feel his eyes sting and his cheek heat up from his efforts not to cry. Deku wouldn't want him sad.
He rubs his cheeks on the cold glass. It makes him feel at ease with all the anxieties and worries swirling terribly inside his head. His anchor to keep him on hold and secure to not drift away from his remaining sanity.

"But it's ok. It will be ok. I won first place see."
He proudly shows off the medal hanging on his neck. It shines in gold with the UA logo.

"People saw me fight good and got top spot. A lot of agencies are going to offer internship with me after this Deku. And one of those agencies might have someone with that quirk."
"And when that happens you'll finally come back to me."

Katsuki smiles, he stares
at Deku's still heart fondly.

"You'll still love me when you get back right?" Katsuki hugs the jar close, letting Deku's heart near his own fast beating one.
Connected but still far apart.

"Wait for me Deku and love me again."

Katsuki let's his tears fall, he couldn't stop them anymore. it drips down his face on the jar in his arms.

Katsuki is 16 years old.
"You want me to be part of your freak show?" He speaks after two days of silence.

"So he can talk."

He ignores all the side comments. His eyes fixed on the man on the bar counter. Two days of observing and Katsuki now knows he is the one he needs at this moment.
"There's something in my pocket." He speaks calmly. Even though he was bound on the chair, expression is flat, but his eyes are blazing.

"Give it to /him/. To that guy." And then after Katsuki refuses to say a single word, no matter what everyone in the room says and threatens.
The guy at the counter took him somewhere some time later. The place is dark, with the lights from computers the only thing illuminating everything around him. It smells of motor oil and acidic fumes.

"Kurogiri." The man sitting infront of the computers calls out. "Leave."
The gassy man besides Katsuki did as told and disappears after his quirk.

"So." The guy faces him now. Face with not a single expression, but Katsuki can see it in his eyes even through the thick glasses, thrill, excitement and an overwhelming eagerness.
Katsuki understands because his were the same at this very moment.
The man lifts up his hand and there he holds inside a plastic container, a severed black finger.

Flashes of the event from USJ came to him, of the giant dark birdlike creature attacking them. That was months ago.
but the finger is clean and fresh. While as the it's owner has long rotted in one of the rooms in this huge laboratory.
"So what do you want boy?" He asked Katsuki with an all knowing look.

"Can you make a body for me?"
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Part 2

CW: Suicide, Bullying, Death, blood and Gore.

"Can you make a body for me?"

He receives a wide grin and small chuckles.

"A pet? A toy? Whatever for?"

"Katsuki closes his eyes. Visions of green, pinkish freckled cheeks and wide smile greets him.

He opens them again. They shine like pools of blood.
"My memories..." He walks closer to the man.

/"Kacchan I like you, I really like you."/

"My love... " He walks closer even with his hands bound by chains.

/"Kacchan's so amazing!"/

"My Deku." He stops right infront of him.

"I want my Deku back."
Maniacal laughter echos through the eerie room.

"Then listen closely to me boy! A body for a body!" He stands up, lifting his hands up into the air like a mad man.

"Bring me the most suitable parts!"

Katsuki's eyes gleams with hope and heart sings!

He was rescued a day later.
The door opens after the third knock.

"Oh my I didn't expect to see you after what happened! Are you ok?"

"I'm fine thank you."

"That's good. Please come in. I saw what happened in the news. It must have been horrible."
He walks into the apartment.

"I'm ok. I wanted to visit before I leave for the dorms."

"Well thank you. It has been a while. I'm glad to see you're doing good Katsuki-kun."

"Yes, I'm glad to see you again... Auntie Inko."
He closes the door behind him and Midoriya Inko has not been heard of ever since.
"Have you heard? Another student in UA has gone missing."

"That's the fifth one now."

"I heard the last person who went missing was from the Hero class first year. Kuroiro."

"That school is cursed, I'm telling you!"
Katsuki can hear them but he doesn't care.

He was off in his own little world inside his head. To a place where Deku was still with him.

Deku's name would be up there and Deku would cry from happiness like the cry baby he is.

/"Kacchan it's my name! No way! I passed!"/
Katsuki would be mad and say shit to him.

/Of course you'd pass shitnerd!/ He would ruffle his hair to make it messier. He won't tell him he's proud but he would show him. He'd show Deku how proud and happy he was he passed the hero provisional licence exams.
Katsuki smiles softly.

Of course Deku would pass the exam because he is the most stubborn and most hard working person Katsuki knows.

Used to know!

His mind screams at him.

Because Deku is not here.

He's smile goes away as soon at his came.
He looks again at the names on the screen. Deku's name wasn't there. It never will be but so wasn't Katsuki's.

Katsuki had failed the hero provisional exam.

"Man it's OK, there's still the make up exam! You can pass that one!" Shitty hair encourages him with a look of pitty
"Whatever!" He turns his heels and stomps away.

"Bakubro! Where are you going?" Kirishima calls after him.

"Washroom!" He screams his reply. Not at all looking back. He hears the loud voice of the giant airhead from Shiketsu academy to half and half bastard.
Both also didn't pass. Katsuki side-eye the tall idiot. Yaorashi Inasa.

He reaches the washroom. The farthest in the whole building.

"What do you want crazy bitch?" Katsuki turns to face the person behind him. Shiketsu uniform, long blonde hair.

"Oh the angry blonde knows."
"I'm not an idiot. I always fucking know." He replies with a glare, locking the door of the washroom so no one else would come in.

She starts to laugh, a light girlish tune that turns sharp as her skin starts to melt like clay, dropping to the floor in lumps.
"Kurogiri says to give this to you." Himiko hands him an old phone. One that has keypads instead of a touch screen.

Katsuki takes it, his heart skipping a beat when the phone reaches his hand.

"Scram. You're done here." He tells the other blonde.
"So bossy! You don't have to tell me twice. I already had my fun today anyway." Her skin starts to turn clay like until it settles and once again she was the blonde bimbo from Shiketsu.

"Bye-bye angry Blondie, until next time. " She says in her another voice and walks out.
Katsuki waits until the sound of foot steps fade and disappear before unlocking the phone and calling the single number saved in it.

He waits.

The other other side answers.

"My boy."

"News?" He says to the point. Voice sharp, hands shaking.
"Don't be impatient. This will take a while. You had a very specific request."

The man's voice was steady and clear but he can hear sounds of squelching in the background.

"How long?"
"No specifics. But everything is turning out fine. I'll be ready to transfer the minor organs soon." Food steps, clanging metals and and more squelching.

"I'm already taking them out right now."

Katsuki stood in front of the washroom mirror.
"It's a good thing you got the perfect donor. The perfect genetic match. Her organs will do wonderfully." He sounded giddy as he talks Katsuki.

"Whatever. So what's your real reason for calling?"

"Ah. You already know me so well. The other one you got me last time.
It was a failure. Body too weak. I had to throw him away. Get me new one. More sturdy with a good quirk and maybe I can speed it up here too."

"I already know." Katsuki replies.

"You always know my boy."

The call ends. Katsuki hasn't stop looking at his reflection.
He was smiling.

"Deku." He breaths out shakily.


He explodes the phone with his quirk and throws the small pieces in the trash.

Months later Katsuki passed the make up licensure exam.

Yaorashi Inasa had gone missing.
/Come over./

The anonymous email was sent to him. He doesn't need to know who it was, he already knows. Katsuki always knows.

Which is why he stands in front of a thick glass that gets in between him and a pool of green liquid.
Gently he touches the glass with shaking hands. He doesn't need a mirror to know that he was crying. He doesn't care. He doesn't see anything else except for what's in front of him.

Floating inside the large pool of fluids with an umbilical cord attached to its belly.

A small Deku floating in the the green water. Eyes close as if he was just sleeping. His hair is long and flows all around him.

Katsuki wants to grab him. He wants him in his arms. To feel his warmth again. After so long of nothing but pain and longing, he's finally just there.
"His body is that of a 9 year old as of now. Growth is at a good pace. I was able to transfer some smaller organs, the bigger major organs will be last once he grows more."

The mad doctor take behind him. His voice sounding proud. This after all his most prized experiment.
"A hollow body, this is as far as genetic cloning can go. Complicated things such as internal organs are still impossible. It's a good thing you got me a good donor my boy." The doctor points to the lifeless body at the far side of the large room. Lying on the metal bed, cut open
in the middle and with barely any entrails left inside of her. Yet she looks alive with her blank eyes open and her skin and flesh still looking warm and pinkish. Her whole body hasn't rotted since the day he visited her apartment months ago.
"Since she was a perfect genetic match this small body should be able to accept the organs with no problem." He taps the glass with his finger as if it was just a fish and not a body of a small boy there.

"The major organs are last to be placed. But oh!"
Katsuki stiffens.

"I did so much work and I have to do much much more!" He says dramatically.

"What do you want?"

"My boy! You know me so well!" He laughs so loudly that it echos like a monsters roar in the room.

"A body for a body, that is done! Now... A heart for a heart."
Katsuki's tears have stopped flowing. He takes one last look at the body in the pool fondly before slowly facing the mad doctor beside him.

Katsuki's eyes glow crimson red in the darkness.

"Anything.. Everything for him."
The call gets answered after the fourth ring.

"Hello. All Might?"
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Part 3 #Bakudeku
CW: Suicide, death, murder, blood and gore

"Bakugou shonen, I'm glad you had considered my offer. I am sure One for All would be in great hands."

The skinny blonde man with blue eyes smiles weakly at him.

The two of them stand in Ground Beta training area.
Just them as the once Great All Might will now pass the mantle of his quirk to Bakugou Katsuki as the new generation of a hero.

Toshinori Yagi plucks a strand of his blonde hair and gave it to Katsuki.

"Eat this." He says.
Katsuki reaches out his own hand slowly as if contemplating. Then suddenly grabs hold on Toshinori's wrist.

"Bakugou Shounen?" Toshinori looks at him questioningly at his actions, eyebrows raised up.

"All Might thank you." Katsuki looks down on his feet. His eyes covered
by the shadow of his hair.

"You are truly..." Slowly he raises his head up and Toshinori felt a chill run down his spine, wide blood red eyes stare back at him. No shine nor gleam.

" hero."

A bright yellow light glowed, the air from his lungs hitches. He could not move,
He drops on the ground with a thud. Fully aware of everything around him but his body unmoving no matter how hard he tried.

A quirk? But wasn't his quirk explosions?

A shadow looms over his still body.

He can't see Bakugou's expression hidden under the shadows.
All he sees are those blood red eyes looking down on him and a butcher knife in his right hand.
Katsuki holds on to the bloody organ in his hand and places it uncaringly in the small plastic box. There would be no need to ice it.

He then zips up the body bag he brought with him. He knows that crazy doctor would want the body too.
There were footsteps behind him but Katsuki does not turn around.

"All the monitoring robots have been destroyed. Aoyama is taking care of the CCTVs."

Katsuki takes out his phone to send a message. Minutes pass by and dark swirling mass appears right in front of him. He lifts up the heavy bag and pass through the portal but he turns around one last time.

"I'll be back before dawn. Message me when you both are done Hagakure."
Katsuki was 17 when the greatest hero the world has ever known disappeared from the face of the earth.

"You did well my boy. Now there's only one thing left to do."

Katsuki holds on the jar tight. His hands are shaking and his eyes are wide. He had waited for so long.
He sacrificed so much.

He looks at the body floating in the tank. Eyes closed looking so peaceful. The body of a 13 year old now. So close. Just a little bit more.

And this was the final step.

Katsuki hands over the jar. Deku's brain and heart will finally have a place.
Dr. Daruma Ujiko walks down the halls of his hospital. Happily he greets the people who work there. He has a joyful look about him. How could he not be. Everything was going smoothly. In his laboratory he brews all the new High Ends all ready to be used.
He has the young boy to thank for that. Giving him all the bodies he needs. All fresh and alive as they come to his lab. All ready to be turned into the perfect machines for war.

And that little boy he has growing in the tank. He was perfect. More perfect than the High Ends.
The perfect Nomu.

Of course that Bakugou kid doesn't have to know. He has plans for him.

He grins maniacally, something evil swirls in his eyes under the thick glasses.

Ujiko can't wait for little Deku to be complete and be his perfect toy.
"Hey wait what you doing?"
"Why are they here?"
"What's going on?"

The doctor raises his brows at the commotion near by. He turns to a corner to check and years of his life were deducted as he sees the over looming figure of Pro Hero Endeavor heading right towards him.
Ujiko runs as fast as he could from one corridor to another as each pathway there was a pro hero blocking it until finally he was surrounded.

"What is this about?!" He screams at the flaming hero right in front of him.
"You are under arrest for a number of heinous crimes against society."

His heart sinks, speeds up and starts to panic.

"I have no idea what your talking about!"

"You can't lie anymore, we know everything about your association with the League of Villains and the Nomus!"
Ujiko backs away until he hits the wall. They know everything. He can't run anymore! He starts to sweat heavily. It drips down his face to his neck and down his body. His skin starts to melt off along with it. His muscles turn to gray clay and drops all down the floor.
"Damn it! How did they know?!" Ujiko screams as he stands up from his chair. The monitors around him show that not only the hospital up above was surrounded by pros but so was the main hideout up in the mountains.
He seethes. His face full of rage.

He presses the buttons on the computer and moments later the Numos go on rampage up above.

That should be enough to buy him time to escape. He needs to wake up the High Ends down to lab as well so he can
take Shigaraki Tomura and Little Deku with him.

He can't leave his most prized experiments! Most especially his new toy! Not to those damn heroes.
How could they have known? Who tip them off when they don't have a single person that was associated with heroes in their circle?
They were careful not to let anyone in. Not even that Bakugou kid knows anything more besides Ujiko wanting bodies and making a clone. So who?

He passes by Shigaraki's capsule and on towards little Deku's main room.
It would be harder to get him out of his tank, he has to prepare him first.
He has to hurry, he doesn't know how long the normal Numos will be able to hold back those damn meddling heroes.

Ujiko enters the room that has been keeping the small boys body for the past months.
He stops his steps and his mouth gapes open.

"What are you doing here?"

The figure before him does not turn around. He just stays still with his back to Ujiko. He faces the big tank in a way he always does in his visits.

"What are you doing here, Bakugou Katsuki?!"
This boy was only able to visit with Kurogiri's quirk. He should not be here, not specially in a time where pros are attacking.

Bakugou doesn't answer, nor does he face him and it came to Ujiko in a horrifying realization.

"It was you! You betrayed me!"
"I only beat you to it." Bakugou finally answers. He places his gloved hand on the thick glass of the tank.

"Did you actually think I didn't know? About your plans on using my body and quirk after you'd kill me?"

There was a strange new smell lingering in the room.
Bakugou's palm was melting a hole on the glass from his quirk.

"Stop!" Ujiko screams out.

Bakugou lowers his hand as if following the order but the damage ihas been done. The small hole was leaking the embryonic fluids out of the tank.
Bakugou turns around and Ujiko for the first time since he met him stiffens at the sight of this blood red eyes, piercing through him.

"Did you actually think... " The blonde starts to walk closer to him, the sounds of his heavy steps echos around the room.
"... that I didn't know your plans to my Deku?!" Bakugou's scream cuts through like a knife.

"How-how did you know?"

Bakugou stops right before him.

"Why wouldn't I? You said so yourself that I know you so well doctor..."
Those eyes glares down on him with a promise of death. He should have known that a boy as smart as Bakugou could do this. He underestimated him.

Now Ujiko is afraid. One false move and any of this boy's quirk can kill him.

He could only slowly back away.
"So you told them? Without revealing that you yourself are involved? That you killed all those students. That child's mother and All Might himself?!" Slowly backing away and talking to buy him time.

The blonde boy didnt flinch at his words.
"It's easy to leak info at this day and age without your identity, you shitty old man."

"Still they will find out eventually!"
Ujiko backs away until he reaches the corner and flips the switch behind him.

"But you'll be long dead before that happens!"
There were sounds of mechines from a distance, of glass breaking then thundering footsteps coming nearer.

"My new High Ends will destroy you! How does it feel to know that those people you killed in the past will now return the favor huh? Bakugou Katsuki?!"
Ujiko laughed hysterically like a mad man that he is. Confident now that he would get through this with his High Ends.

His most powerful Numos, created from the body and parts of those Bakugou had brought him. Strong mixed quirks from strong hero students.
But his laughter was cut short. Bakugou's expression did not change. Emotionless without an air of fear.

"You know I didn't really care about my second quirk when I was a kid. I thought it wasn't flashy or heroic enough. I ignored it for the most part.
But when Deku died... When he was broken and bleeding right in front of me.." He's voice cracks and his eyes were going dim. "... His guts pouring out and no matter what I did they keep leaking out!" He breathes in deep.
"They wouldn't stay inside of him. I know it was too late! So I tore out his heart, his brain and I have never been more thankful for my second quirk." He stares at his gloved hands before removing them.

"After that I did everything I could to test what it can do."
Ujiko frowns deeply. Not entirely quite sure what this boy is trying to explain.

"Whatever it is you're saying its too late now. I'll be taking your little Deku and experiment on him to my heart's content while you die along with the rest of those damn heroes!"
It was when the walls broke down and numerous High End Nomus came in. All hideous, their brains expose in a way. They all pose to attack at the order.

"Kill him!" Ujiko ordered and all of them ran to Katsuki. All aimed to kill.

But just as they were only a meter away from him
Katsuki laces his hands together as if in prayer. A light yellow glow comes from his intertwined hands and the Nomus all dropped down the floor, squirming in pain.

"What?! What's happening? What did you do?" Ujiko asked in a panicked voice. Watching as his powerful
creations shake and squirm and scream all around.

"I studied my quirk like mad. As if I'd go crazy if I didn't know everything about it. I had to. If I didn't then Deku's brain and heart might rot at anytime at any wrong move I'd make."
Katsuki lowers his hands. There was small smile on his face now.

"I was able to master it in two months. I can extend its effects as long I want..." He walks towards Ujiko now. "... and cancel it when I want."

The mad doctor pales. He understands now.
"You get it now do you old man?!" a wide maniac grin spreads on the boys face. "Your High Ends that have all the body parts from the people I killed are rottening from the inside!"
Ujiko's eyes the body of Shigaraki in the capsule and his legs lost all its strength. He falls down on his knees, speechless and at lost.

"You gave crusty All Might's heart didn't you?" He hears the Katsuki's almost teasing voice and he sees the boys boots right front of him.
"You thought you can give him One for All if you transplanted him that heart." A hand touched his shoulders with a heavy pressure. "Wrong move Doctor."

The heartbeat monitor in the capsule flatlines. Shigaraki Tomura is dead. A rotten heart had killed him. All Mights's heart.
"Thanks old man, for giving me my Deku back. But fuck you if you think you can take what belongs to me!"

The palm on his shoulder was heating up and before Ujiko could even scream for mercy a sharp pain goes through him. He falls on the ground with blood gushing out.
Katsuki's AP shot had pierced both of his lungs.

Katsuki walks back to the tank. The thick glass has started to crack from the pressure of the fluids seeping out from the hole. The crack spreads until the whole tank breaks apart.
Katsuki raises his hands to catch the one he longed for into his arms. He's so small that he fits just right within Katsuki's grasp. So fragile that he holds him like a petal that would easily bruise and even with his body soaked he was very warm.

He is warm and as Katsuki
holds him close, he could hear it, he cold feel it. The steady beating of Deku's heart.

Katsuki cries.

"Deku... My Deku."

Deku's here. Deku is back.

"You fool." Wet coughing and gargling noise came from the man still alive on the floor.
Even with all the blood pooling around him and inside his lungs he tries hard to speak.

"He may have the same body, brain and heart. But he's not the same person. A clone is just a clone!" He coughs, blood splattering out every time. "He's not your Deku, he's my perfect Nomu!"
Katsuki just gave him a blank stare.

He held Deku like a princes in his arms. Lifting his hand to gently remove the hair from his face and caress his smooth skin full of freckles. The ones he missed so much.

"Deku wake up."
In a moment the small body breathe in deep and his eyes with those long lashes flutter open.

Emerald green greets blood red.


A small warm hand touched his faced to wipe away the tears he didn't know were falling again.

"Ka... chan."
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Part 4 #bakudeku
CW: Previous parts of this thread contains suicide, Bullying, previous and current part contains death, murder, blood and gore.

"Ka... chan." His voice is groggy like a small child who just woke up from a long sleep. Eyes half lidded and shines dewy like
like emeralds under the sun.

"That's right.. It's me, your Kacchan."
Katsuki voice is soft and shakes with every word. He grabs on to his small hand with his large ones and presses his face further into them. The feel of the warmth in those hands just proves that Deku is alive.
Katsuki relishes in it. Let's his tears drip down those small soft hands. He just wants to feel all of it.

That this is truly real. Deku is alive here with him and Deku remembers him.

"Impossible... He shouldnt... have any memories.... How?" Dr. Ujiko's heaving voice
came in labored breathes. He was already lying on the floor pale skin and red stains from his own blood.

"I have never forgotten him as he had never forgotten me."
Katsuki says to him without giving a single glance. All his attention on the delicate boy in his arms.
"Deku always had my heart, as I always had his."

Katsuki finally turns head to the dying man on the ground and Ujiko's pained face turn into that of horror at the wicked smile and blank eyes on Katsuk's face.

"People die, but real love goes on forever."
"That's... Trash." The mad doctor breathes out, surrounded by his creations that have started to rot away on the outside.

Katsuki holds on to Deku firmly with his right arm as the small boy wraps his arms around his neck tightly.
His free hand took the largest grenade on his utility belt.

"You're the one who's trash and you'll incinerate like one."

He throws it close to Ujiko's body, it roles nearer and stop right at his face. He sees red blinking numbers on the the grenade. It was a nitro time bomb.
The mad doctor has no strength left to speak or move, he can only watch as the timer counts down the minutes till it explodes.

Katsuki calmly walks pass him, out the room, out the underground hideout and out the hospital with Deku held safely in his arms.
They were fighting Nomus at one point then suddenly they dropped dead like flies.

Endeavor still confused at what had happened stops still as a message from his phone came in.

It was an unknown number. His eyes widened.

/Evacuate. Bomb./
"Take all the civilian you can. Move out fast!"

All the pros and sidekicks did as told. Ten minutes later the left wing of the hospital exploded, it caused a massive fire and the whole building was consumed to nothing in less than 30 minutes.
Whoever was it that sent the message that day saved many lives but whoever it was was never known.

When they tried to traced the source all they found was a beat up phone at the forest near the hospital grounds.

The number was unregistered.
The war ended in less than a day. The fight to stop the group that was believed to be the caused of the missing students and All Might has been won.

Both sides suffered damages. A lot in the side of the villains had died including that of all members of the League of Villains.
The Horoes also suffered, mostly due to the rampage of Giganto Machina.

The pros damage ranges from critical conditions, missing limbs to a number of deaths.

And so did the students.

Hagakure Tohru and Aoyama Yuga had died during the war.

One student was missing.
"Today, Japan commemorates those who had sacrificed their lives in the Second Great Hero War. The priminister of Japan and the Representative of the Japanese Hero Safety Commission will be giving a speech in an hour time. We shall pay tribute to those fallen heroes."
The TV screen flashes pictures of the people who had lost their lives during the war.

Frontliners, Police officers, Heroes and students.

"Hey Mister! You look like that guy on TV!" The child pointed at one of the Televisions displayed at the appliance store.
"Hush, don't be rude Jonathan!" His mother scolds the boy.

"I am so sorry my son can be so nosy sometimes."

"It's fine. Kids are kids" He walks away with his grocery in his arms from the mother and son. He can still hear them talking from behind.
"But mother, he looks like that guy on TV! And he's missing!"

"Jonathan that's impossible. That man look around just 25 and the Japanese Hero War was 85 years ago. That couldn't possibly be him."
It was only a 15 minute walk home. Grocery bag in one hand and keys in his other, he opens the gate and then the front door. He turns on the TV, the rest of the afternoon news plays.
/Cheyenne city today, vigilante Hero known as Nitro sized $570,000 in suspected drug money. The identity of the underground hero is still unknown-/

But it's all background sounds to him as he walks towards the kitchen to drop off the groceries and opens the back door.
The sun is starting to set. The sky is in the shades of oranges and yellows, casting a warm glow to everything it touches.

In the middle of it all, surrounded by flowers of all colors, sits a boy.

The breeze fans his freckles face, a soft smile on his lips as
his small nimble fingers picks up a flower and intertwines it with another. The sun sets further making its rays hit his green hair, giving him a ethereal glow.

The boy turns his head at the sound of the door closing and those big doe eyes are on him.
There was a rustling of clothes and sound of running footsteps before the warmth of a small body was on him.



"Kacchan flower crown!" Deku shows him a crown of daisies. Katsuki kneels down and let's him put it on his head.

"Kacchan looks pretty."
"I am not pretty, brat." Katsuki says with a soft voice and a smile on his face. "You are." He tucks Deku's hair and looks at him fondly.

Deku shakes his head, disagreeing, a blush on his cheeks. Katsuki chuckles at his reaction.
In the living room he can hear the Television still play.

/'In other news. Spring has arrived in Japan. The Cherry blossoms have bloomed wonderfully this year and-/

He hears the news reporter talk and Katsuki thinks it's time.

"Deku let's go to Japan."

"Yup. The place where we're from.Let's go home. It's finally time to go home." Katsuki can see Deku thinking hard. This was very confusing for him because Deku only remembers Katsuki and nothing else.

Waking up on that day was his rebirth, everything new and fresh but his mental
development was slow. He now has a mind of that of an 6 year old and still developing while his body that of a 15 year old. Deku has not aged. While Katsuki stopped aging at 24 all because of his second quirk.

"Home?" Deku asked slowly.

Katsuki nods. Being patient with him.
"Home is Kacchan. Deku is fine anywhere because Kacchan is Deku's home." Deku cups Katsuki's face and smiles at him brightly.

Katsuki eyes widens and mouth gapes at the words and his heart skips at his smile.

This was what he fought so hard for. To be at this moment with Deku.
Everything he had done, everything he had sacrifice was worth it all for this moment.

"Yeah...And Deku is also my home, my life and my love." Katsuki also cups Deku's freckled face with his big hands.

He slowly leans into him. They share a kiss with the setting sun behind them.
No matter where they go they always be together. Nothing can ever seperete not life or death.

Katsuki is 102 years old and has eternity to be with his Deku.

The end.
I can't believed I actually finished this. Thank you so much for reading till the end. I hope it wasn't that confusing since I wanted he greets to be cryptic with a lot of context clues to make it creepy and eerie. If you have question feel free to ask.

-Katsuki has mastered his quirk in two months because he wanted to make sure Deku's brain and heart will be intact that included the ability to maintain his youth. This applies to those he touches as well.
Songs I listened to while writing this.
- Lilium from Elden Lied
- Bright by Florence and the machine
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I wanted to make the ending creepy and yandereish but I wanted them to be happy so I didn't go with that.
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And the Daisy Flower crown:
Part 5 #bakudeku
CW: Previous parts of this thread contains suicide, Bullying, death, murder, blood and gore.


85 years ago...

He steps into the secluded area where once stood the old hospital with the underground lab. It's all nothing but rubble.
The raid happened months ago and it was a mess during and after. A lot of casualties and one missing.

They tried to find his body but nothing was found. Everything was burnt to ground in this hospital. Bakugou Katsuki was never found.
But he can't give up. He wants to find even just a hint of him, clothes, bone, teeth. Anything just to prove he truly is gone. If there is none then he refuses to believe he's dead.

Which is why in the middle of the night he walks in the winding corridors of the
old burnt underground lab.

It was the only place he hasn't looked. His only hope.

Flashlight in hand he checks every nook and cranny in the place when the main area of the explosion until the last room, they said this was the main computer lab.

But all that's left are melted
plastic and blacked damage computer parts by the fire.

He checks further but nothing. He's tired and dishearten so he sits down on the dusty floor, his heart heavy. Maybe he really is dead and his body had burnt to nothing somewhere. It makes him want to cry.
He places the flashlight down on the ground, it hits something covered in thick dust.

It was heavy duty phone.

He toggles with the thing amazed at how durable it was to survive the fire.

It turns on. His widens at the screen display.

Subject name: Midoriya Izuku
86 years later...

Katsuki holds on to Deku's hand. While the other holds a bouquet of flowers. They walk through the numerous grave stones in the cemetery. All with the names of the fallen civilians that died in the great Hero War 86 years ago.
They stop at the biggest mausoleum with a number of names carved on a marble plate.

Katsuki kneels down and places the bouquet near the entrance where a lot of other flowers and gifts were placed.

"It took me a long time to get back to Japan. So it took a while to visit."
He whispers his words. "But I'm here to pay my respects and say thank you for all your sacrifices for me and Deku. But after everything I just couldn't let you two go away with knowing too much, I'm sorry. I hope after all these years may you two rest in peace, Hagakure, Aoyama."

"Let's go now Deku." Katsuki stands up. Grabbing Deku's hand and turns to leave. He had payed his respects and said his apologies for what he had done to his former classmates. It's time to leave.

He stops in his steps.

"Bakugou." An old man stood right before them.
Katsuki heaves a sigh and holds Deku's hand tighter. Deku looks up at him in wonder.

"Not here." He says to the old man. "There's a park near by. Let's talk there."


Katsuki looks at Deku playing in the sand box. Unaware and just happily digging in the sand.
"It really is you."

Katsuki hears the person beside him say.

"Yeah. I'm surprise you're not surprised by all of this." He says while still looking at Deku.

"My surprise got watered down over the years. That kid over there, he's Midoriya Izuku right?" Katsuki finally turns
to look at him, shock written on his face. "Midoriya Izuku, a clone and the last Nomu created by Dr. Daruma Ujiko also known as Kyudai Garaki."

Katsuki's eyes widens and his lips formed a thin line.

"He was 15 when he died and he was your childhood friend."
"How did you-"

"His death by suicide and got creamated the next day. Documents showed he was missing his brain and heart but authorities say it must been eaten by stray animals over the night." He continues to speak. Not at all minding the deathly glare Katsuki was sending.
"But it was you wasn't it? Your other quirk." He faces Katsuki now. Expression much too calm on his old face.

"How did you know all of this? I destroyed everything, all information all those years ago."

"86 years ago, after the war. I went to look for you, instead I found the
crazy doctors files. Everything about his experiments, about the nomu named Deku and about you."

His expression changes. The seriousness on his face makes him look his age. Old, very old.

"The missing students and All Might. Katsuki, it was all you."
Silence floats around them. Katsuki looks into the old man's red eyes he frowns before looking back at Deku.
"If you're going to berate me and make me feel guilt for what I did then you're 86 years too late old man." He hears Deku giggle, trying to make sand balls but failing.
"I regret nothing and I'll do it all over again of I have to." Deku notices him and waves with sandy dirty hands. His smile is from ear to ear, he turns go back to playing.

"Anything, everything for him." He will go against the world if he had to. For that smile he will.
"You wouldn't understand, the feeling of loosing everything that was just within your hands reach and that being all your own fault. It ate me alive. Never again will that happen." He will kill anyone who would get in his way. He eyes the person sitting beside him.

His hands started to warm up. The feeling of his other quirk activating.

Red eyes looking carefully at the old man beside him.

Anything for Deku. He will do anything to keep Deku by his side. Anyone who gets in the way will not see the light of the next day.

“I do actually. I understand that feeling pretty well, believe it or not.” He looks at Katsuki fondly now. The same look he always gave him those many years ago. Katsuki begins to relax, he cancels out his quirk. Somehow he believes in him.
“I’m not here to report you to authorities or anything. If I did, I would have done so a long time ago. Like you said I’m 86 years too late. No one is going to believe this old man.” He smiles that ever so bright toothy smile. He hasn’t changed.
“The files?” Katsuki asked. Testing him.

“Deleted it a week after I found it.”

“Then… what do you want from me? If not that?” Katsuki’s brows knitted tightly, he still has doubts.
“I just wanted to know… Are you happy?”

Katsuki raises his eyebrows up high. It wasn’t the question he was expecting but then again this was very much his personality to ask this.

He turns his head to see Deku hold up some daisies he had pick up in the park in his hands, his face blushing and his smile bright and wide as ever.
“Flowers for Kacchan!” Warmth spreads all over him, his expression becomes soft as he smiles. He is reminded of the pain of the past and the promise of their forever future.
“Yes. More than I have ever been in my whole life.” He answers honestly, from the depths of his heart that will always be for just for one boy.
“Then that’s all I need to know.” The man replies and stands up with shaky knees from his age. “I have to go now, getting late, the people from the center will be wondering where this old man ran off to.” He chuckles at his own joke.
“It was good to see you again Bakubro.” He held out his hand, a look of nostalgia seems to be in his eyes and smile.

Katsuki takes it, he grins at him for all times sake as they shake hands for probably the final time.
“White hair looks good on you than red.” He lets go of his hand.

“Until next time, Shitty Hair.” Katsuki turns away and walks towards Deku, accepting the flowers with big smile on his face. Love was written all over him.
He watches them walk away until the sun sets in the horizon, watches the man he used to love from those many years ago leave but he is satisfied to know that he is alive and happy.

“Until next time, Katsuki.”
Kirishima Eijiro dies three days later from old age. He was 103 years old. The last of the veterans from the great hero war dies with a smile on his face.

The end.
Thank you for reading till the end. I added a little bit more to the thread just so I can feel a bit of finality to it. I hope you had all love this thread as much as I did.
Comments and QRTs are very much loved. Feel free to ask your questions.
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