Let's talk about January 6th. A few weeks ago I was given information, I would not even discuss it unless I could corroborate it. I have now received corroboration from three different people in two different agencies. I won't name the people or the agencies.
Violence had been planned for weeks prior to the election, violence to occupy the White House and the surrounding area to demand president Trump leave after he was re-elected. These plans were well known and were prepared for well in advance.
"massive march, protest, riot" https://twitter.com/Johnheretohelp/status/1285607590026764288?s=19
The DS Dems, managed to steal the election and take the office. So instead of a riot to remove president Trump they wanted an "insurrection" to solidify their win and guarantee no one could question the election results.
The people were already in place for a riot they changed the name to "insurrection" and they did everything they could to ensure a bloodbath. Ordering the national guard to stand down, DC police ordered elsewhere or their forces cut, Capital police not only ordered but helping
Rioters gain access to the Capitol. Heavy machine guns were requested by the speaker and denied. And many more examples. They wanted a massacre, they wanted a deadly insurrection to solidify their illegal "win".
Ask yourself a question. We've seen these rioters for a year now, burning and destroying. Attacking people and officers all over the country. Why weren't they violent like that on January 6th? Is it because the fix was in and they knew someone was going to be killed?
The word had been passed down that there were going to be deaths and none of them wanted to go first.
What information did my three contacts pass on?
First, it was the speaker who was directing all activities for the insurrection both before and afterwards
Second, they had the help and the knowledge of the vice president, Pence. He was aware of their plans prior to the election
And helped all along. He is being promoted for president as his reward.
Speaker tried for a massacre, ordering heavy weapons, opening up the capital for attack, waiting for the violence to kick off. They were hoping that during an "occupation" when it got dark
That violence and death in the streets would occur. However President Trump stepped in an made a televised plea for everyone to leave. The DS/Dems, Speaker so their window of opportunity closing. They needed death.
A flurry of phone calls and text messages went out. Staff members in the capital we're reporting what they saw to the speakers staff and it was being relayed to the private security the speaker had. Cause and messages went out to the "go betweens", The operatives hidden in the
bLM/pantifa movement. Something needed to be done before the opportunity was lost and President Trump was given credit for diffusing the situation.
Ashli Babbitt I've been wondering around the capitol for quite some time. Non-violent just exploring and observing. Orders were given for the operatives to find someone that they could "sacrifice". So these operatives found someone they could manipulate
And they led her to slaughter. Look at AB's steps through the capitol. Just wondering around observing. Until she was approached by these people and led upstairs to the gauntlet. Once they had her it was a beeline upstairs.
It was the speaker who told her private security detail to use deadly force when the doors to the speakers area were breached. If you look at the shooting video. You will see them waiting until AB gets in the door. Everyone else in that hallway was an operative.
On the video several times they approach the doors that are being breached, several times they back away until they have confirmation that she, AB, is the one. When AB stood in the door they backed off, received confirmation to use deadly force from the speaker again, and fired.
I have been told that the actual shooter is not a capital police officer but someone who looks very similar to him, notice the hairline very distinctive, and that the actual shooter was a member of the speaker's private security detail and has been rewarded since for his silence.
At this point they had their death and they secured the area just seconds after she was shot. With armed officers on both sides why couldn't they have secured it seconds before? AB was in a squeeze play and didn't realize it.
The FB-I SWOOPED all phone, text, email records, of everyone involved, including elected officials in their staff. FB-I was able to secure all communication records and no one has seen them since.
The FB-I is now using this as extreme leverage on their part.
They now have the private communications of our elected officials and their staff planning the insurrection and murder of a young woman. And they will not give up their leverage. At this point the FBI is an autonomous agency able to do anything they want.
Ignore any law violate any right with impunity. The speaker and the false president must support everything they do without question or the false presidency comes tumbling down if these records come out.
The FB-I is putting on a continuous show of looking for people involved in January 6th as a constant reminder to those in power that they actually hold the keys to everything
I was able to confirm that these phone records, text, Etc. Have been sifted through and a minute by minute account of the so-called insurrection from well before anything occurred, until well after her death, is available, and damning.
Just for clarification:
Other people were approached just like Ashli Babbitt, to be led upstairs. This is why the FB-I is looking for MAGA Grandma's teenage girls, ETC. They want to find the other people who were approached like AB before they realize what actually occurred. 👍
Well, I've beaten my personal best for death threats with this thread👍 let's go for an "all time" record😁.
Yes, I know I could use this information to benefit myself. I could have begged donations, manipulated it, even stayed silent to benefit my upcoming election.
But that would make me know better than the people who committed this horrendous Act. No better than most of them in DC. I put it out for the people to benefit the country as a whole whether it hurts me or not. Others have done much more I'm only paying a debt that I already owe.
Now, let's go for that record. The FB-I is hunting down anyone involved in January 6th to control the narrative. They want those people terrified of even speaking out or being recognized. As I mentioned other people were approached like Ashli Babbitt
If those people were to be found and they told their story, their whole narrative falls apart. Because she wasn't up there being aggressive, she was led up there after they approached several other people who didn't go for it.
The speaker has her own secret police force. Loyal only to her and completely protected. They are not shy about it. She is not shy about letting people know that she controls life and death in that building. They are not shy about showing their loyalty to her.
These are people in different departments different agencies. But they do like to show off their connection and involvement in her secret police. It's a status symbol and they brag about it, they flash it because it's a secret and powerful club.
Does anyone recognize the shooters bracelet?
He's not a Buddhist so what is it?
You've seen it before, and you've seen it used for exactly what it is, a threat. 🤔🤔🤔
When you brag about your control over life and death in that building and then one of your solas minions carries out your orders to kill later, maybe you shouldn't have bragged about it beforehand? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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