From the very beginning, nations used corporations for power and profit until corporations turned a corner and reversed the process, transforming nations into support vessels, making use of their militaries, diplomatic functions, and, most importantly, the resources of the people
Corporations were a means of nations moving beyond their boundaries, particularly so they could profit off colonization, slavery, and exploitation. Then, once profit reached a point, the corporation began feeding off the nation and used those boundaries against the people.
Hypercapitalism threw gas onto the fire of growing corporate power, creating an international system to their purpose and liking. Now, corporations have evolved beyond states, outgrown them, subsisting off them as support and theater.
When we talk about taxing corporations and the wealthiest few, we’re talking about reclaiming the resources we gave them through our tax dollars, their infrastructure, their resources, their protection. It’s taking what’s ours through a gross, disgusting investment.
Politicians and economists have completely twisted the reality of corporations and this repulsive redistribution of wealth. We’re suffering under unnecessary austerity as these bodies double-dip profits, buy off our government, and dismantle representative politics.
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