"Not being able to use this right for the past 15 years was devastating, and pushed me firmly into ‘the other’ category."
Our CEO @pmkupiec shares what gaining the right to vote in Thursday's election means to her
Read Asta's thoughts on the importance of having the right to vote for feeling included and a part of something bigger: https://www.ywcascotland.org/gaining-the-right-to-vote-asta-tomasdottir/ #ScottishElections2021
Flavia shares her experience of voting in Brazil and reflects on the importance of every vote: https://www.ywcascotland.org/gaining-the-right-to-vote-flavia-davila/ #ScottishElections2021
"I always voted in the elections when I was in my country Yemen, whether it was in the presidential or parliamentary elections." Ahlam shares why it's vital @ScotParl reflects all of Scottish society including New Scots in #ScottishElections2021 https://www.ywcascotland.org/gaining-the-right-to-vote-ahlam-al-bashiri/
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