1/11 Over the years when I have come across information about an interesting character with the adjective "Armenian" in magazines, books, etc. (foreign press), I noticed that the story about that particular character had an exotic appearance. https://twitter.com/Armenianvisuals/status/1387844638174859268?s=20
2/11 At the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 20th, with the dissolution of the Empires, the Armenians proclaimed their identity, having equal rights and obligations (within the Ottoman Empire) and we already know the result ( #ArmenianGenocide)
3/11 During the 20th century, when the empires were divided, new states were formed (which in turn were divided between the Soviet and Western bloc), that pre-existing Armenian community was also divided, thus appearing the diaspora, also the result of the Genocide.
4/11 At the end of the 20th century, with the dissolution of the Soviet bloc, a country called Armenia appeared, heir to Soviet culture and customs, with new geopolitical friends and "enemies" (but here I am not going to talk about Armenia, I'm only talking about the Armenians).
5/11 Now, in the 21st century (the century of online interaction), the descendants of that 19th century community have found themselves in the virtual world, and it is here where there is an inter-ethnic conflict, the imposition of alien values (post Soviet vs Western).
6/11 About me: as I am a մուսալեռցի (with a grandfather from current Syria, and another from current Lebanon) who was born in the Republic of Armenia, and who lives in Spain today, I feel part of all of you, Armenia (former Soviet Union), Middle East, Western, América latina, etc
7/11 Let's go back to the initial tweet in this thread, if we had to redefine our values, which in turn had to adapt them to the 21st century, it is clear that we would be more than Armenians, we would be what we have assimilated from those cultures during a century of adoption.
8/11 So, Armenia is anywhere there is an Armenian (no matter what that territory is called, the flag it flies, etc.), but this is where the problem begins, as all Armenians consider themselves the regulator of Armenian identity.
9/11 So these Armenians (regardless of the label they have) instead of subtracting, must add, because if they continue dividing they will stay with those who share their ideas (and these are not all Armenians).
10/11 It is time to reconsider certain values, since we as a society have evolved, and in this globalized world to face totalitarianism, we must take another totally opposite path, our enemies must not forge our identity as a group.
11/11 Another day I will talk about what I consider "peace" with our neighbors, who have identified us as the main enemy to amass more power (totalitarianism). That hate speech should be analyzed in more detail. Here I have only talked about us (and those who welcomed us).
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