It’s hard to watch the COVID cases rise. Remember how seriously we took this last year? We need to take it even more seriously now because we understand the consequences of our inaction. But our provincial government needs to start doing their job. #COVID19AB #ableg #abpoli #yeg
In the meantime, please ask yourself if the actions your are going to take these next few weeks are absolutely necessary. Thinking of going to a patio? Order curbside pickup instead. Planning an outdoor gathering of less than 10? Maybe postpone it for a few weeks.
I know that there are many things that are still permitted. Asking to hold off of those permitted actions might seem odd but our ICU beds are full. Our medical professionals are overwhelmed. Our neighbours are still dying. Ask yourself if you can hold off for a few more weeks.
I know you are exhausted. We all are. But our cases are higher than ever and that means we continue to exist in a world where we need restrictions. The quicker we get this under control, the quicker the restrictions get removed.
While we are allowed to still do certain things, this is the time for each of us to be asking ourselves if we need to be doing those things. Chances are, the answer is no. Let’s not wait on the provincial government to do what is right because our community can’t wait. #COVID19AB
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