1. There is a trend within Reformed Evangelicalism of taking doctrines related to Christology & Trinitarianism and applying them to men in order to firmly root patriarchal ideologies into the culture of the a church. It is important that we recognize these trends & rebuke them. https://twitter.com/desiringgod/status/1388070865305284615
2. We’ve seen this play out with Trinitarianism as reformed evangelical theologians started arguing that Christ, even in His pre-incarnate state, was submissive to the father. There was an inability to see Father & Son relations apart from power dynamics & w/ that Husband & Wife.
3. We are now seeing this again regarding the Offices of Christ. For many this is obvious wrong, but I was to put some Systematic & biblical theology behind why is this wrong as I’m aware that many of you have been spiritually discipled in spaces that teach these things.
4. The three-fold offices of Christ (Prophet, Priest, & King) begins in Genesis 1 with God & these offices are reflected by Adam.

-God is Prophet (He speaks creation into existence)
- God is Priest (He walks with his People)
God is King (rules over created order).
5. Adam, as vice-regent & representative of the human race serves in each of these offices as well.

- Adam is Prophet (he speaks names over all living things & declares the glory of marriage)
Adam is Priest (He represents humanity)
-Adam is King (He is called to take dominion)
6. These offices didn’t apply to the marriage union of Adam, he and is partner were one flesh & they ruled over the created order together. Adam held these offices as a representative of humanity & Christ carries them as the new & perfect representative of humanity.
7. Throughout scripture, we see people hold one of these offices. We see prophets, priests, & Kings. All, however, were sinners & none could hold all offices (including Adam) in pure faithfulness before God & in relation to others. None except Christ, The Son of God incarnate.
8. It is a gross misapplication of these offices to apply them to a marriage or a home when in scripture they are applied to the people of God as a collective & finds its fulfillment in Christ. Husbands are NOT mini-Christs. They are sinners w/ more in common with Adam.
9. More than that, through the Christians union with Christ, they become prophets (Romans 10:14), Priests (I Peter 2:9), and rulers (Revelation 5:10). And these offices apply to all believers, men & women. Context matters! Theology matters! Marriage is a partnership! ✌🏽❤️
10. With all that said, this article goes a step further that the already harmful & dangerous place I’ve addressed. It says “all men” & not just husbands. Therefore, this article is not only toxic in regards to marriage, it’s sociologically toxic. It seeks to subjugate ALL women.
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