Personal Opinion: Any conversation about devolution or restructuring, that does not have at its center NASS + State Houses of Assembly, is a waste of time. The only practical means of achieving these ends is by amending the Constitution—& only these Legislatures can effect that.
We can talk & talk & talk.

We can set up a million National Conferences, and pay generous sitting allowances and keep the newspapers occupied with juicy proceedings for months.

At end of day, if you can’t transmute all of these into Constitutional Amendments - waste of time!
Personal Opinion: Many of the shrillest voices on ‘Restructuring’ in Nigeria do not, deep down, really care about it

What they want is simply an opportunity to be able to wail eternally about it. It’s a nice topic that can keep u in news headlines indefinitely. (See Next tweet)
If they were really serious about it, they’d put the spotlight where it really belongs.

But instead they’re obsessed with making ‘Restructuring’ sound like the President’s burden because they know how attention-grabbing—and distracting—that is. And that public don’t know better.
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