Saw a clip of Trump blathering to strangers at his gross resort for rich Christian fascists, and it really brought home what hostages we all were to the mundane grotesque whims of this dull-minded pathetic bully.
Conservatives need to understand that on top of everything else Trump manifestly is—fascist, racist, sexist, ignorant, cruel, foolish, crude, narcissistic, evil, greedy, genocidal—he is also deeply, deeply, pathetic.

And you all voted for him. Your gross pig king. We see you.
I don't forgive people for voting for Trump and I probably never will. There's no excuse for it. I don't seek common ground, I don't seek understanding, I don't like them and I don't want to be liked by them. I think they're garbage and I think deep down they know it.
Voting to make a man as outlandishly evil as Trump president is the sort of morally indefensible thing that, were you to do it in a dream, upon waking you'd weep with relief.

Millions of people did so eagerly. They hope to do so again. It's almost unfathomable.
I don't have a point. Trump voters should get used to a lot of hostility. They sure have earned it. They gave us years of hell, and they've gotten themselves so twisted they called it heaven.
OK, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Seeing that shambling suit pastry again, moving his little anus mouth and waving his hands in little circles, made me think of all the people he murdered and it made me very angry.

As you were.
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