Conservatives regularly insinuate that the only reason that people are poor is because poor people are bad at managing their finances.

Like with all Conservative views, the hypocrisy is exposed when, for no reason, that rule does not apply to them.
Ditto the myth that Labour are financially reckless and the Conservatives are responsible, yet the latter are the party of dishing out contracts, gifts and favours to their chums.
See also: the Conservatives are supposedly the patriotic party that puts Britain first, but if they can sell off national assets or screw the country to benefit their hedge funds, it's all good.
And another thing: CEOs, fat cats or people in 'important' roles must be paid well, otherwise they will lack incentive to be in the country and we will lose their 'talent'.

Yet great teachers and nurses don't need financial incentive, so the Conservatives deflate their wages.
Of course, people of all political persuasions find ways to bend the truth.

But Conservatives consistently (and successfully) persuade people to believe a series of hypocritical myths that only benefit the wealthy.

Many people still like Boris Johnson. After everything.
I think I'm done now. Summary: big C Conservatism is horseshit. End of thread.
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