#MsMarvel is trending so as a Pakistani Muslim im gonna explain why this is so important to me
firstly the fact that we are getting a Muslim superhero is unexplainable. I never thought once in my life that my religion would be representing in cinema, especially in a huge franchise like Marvel
the islamophobia in the world is getting so unbearable to the point where I feel suffocated so many exposing the world to a good Muslim character would make people more accepting towards Muslims everywhere
moving on to the Pakistani aspect of this, whenever someone mentions desi people immediately think of India. I am not invalidating indians rather im so glad that they are getting exposure and showing the world the "desi" culture
as a Pakistani, I keep hearing people say indians are desi, never including the rest of the countries involved
maybe Ms Marvel would expand people's opinions on what is considered desi
when black panther came out I was extremely overjoyed at the fact that minorities are getting represented in modern cinema in a good light, just like with shang-chi. however I never understood the actual depth of the feeling until I read that Kamala Khan is a Pakistani Muslim
I really hope marvel doesn't mess up her character and make sure that they incorporate religious and cultural aspects into the show because my religion and culture is beautiful just like everyone else's
im so glad that marvel is going down this path where they represent minorities and their struggles. maybe just maybe, after Ms Marvel comes out the world will be more accepting
hopefully in the future marvel expands to more of the desi countries but for now any representation is a win for us
reminder that you don't have to wear a hijab to be a Muslim as long as you are modest you aren't any less of a Muslim as someone who wears a hijab
also if you are desi or Muslims or both you are extremely entitled to be excited for this series. we aren't gatekeeping it from anybody. if you are being represented in the slightest you are so allowed to be excited. this is a win for us all not ONLY Pakistani Muslims:)
most desi people have similar experiences regarding racism and discrimination so please don't hate on anyone for being excited for the show even if they aren't Pakistani
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