This is what I tried to get at with this thread. American politics has always been overwhelmingly binary--Democrat or Republican. But US political culture has always been quite polyglot, and that diversity gets awkwardly squeezed into a 2-party system.
Since the 1920s the US has had quite a vibrant, modern far right political culture. That far right political culture ebbs and flows in terms of its influence and impact, but it's always had a significant constituency.
I mean, this kind of crap is just boilerplate right wing messaging. It could be from 1951 or 1966 or 1978 or 1989. I guess you could call these "ideas," but really what's the point.
The GOP has turned a large portion of its political culture over to far right propagandists like Bannon. Policy ideas are almost non-existent in conservative political culture today.
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