Atlantis — what was it?

Who was living in Atlantis?

All of us, in our past reincarnations.

One of our most recent civilizations, 7943 years before Christ, humanity used to live in harmony, having its first trading and transportation sites - all our creations worked hand in hand with Mother Nature.
But wait, in Plato's writing, he was saying that Atlantis was just some city, somewhere, with some whatever.

Well, I invite you to forget about this melancholic guy calling himself ''Play To'', as well with his writings (well known freemason).
What happened to Atlantis?

We got invaded by the jinn | archon | wandjina (same beings), let us call them hostile beings for now.

The hostile beings were interested in our resources and our human development (parts of our DNA, parts of our soul, parts of our love energy).
Hold on a second, if we were so great, living in this one very cool continet called Atlantis, why would anybody allow any invasion, how is that possible for another group of entities to take over us?
Everything that you perceive in this world works with:

free will

Hence why, both ''positive'' and ''negative'' energies exist.


If someone wants to do something considered ''bad'', they can do that, because that someone has the free will to do it.
*Important Notice*

We run contracts, one of them being with our creator in Heaven, which allows each one of ITS creation to do as they wish on Earth, or on other plane-t(s).

Back to Atlantis —

At that time, we had, just like in today's time, self-proclaimed kings and queens.
There was one family, one bloodline, who considered themselves mightier than all the others in Atlantis.

They wanted to expand rulership, so at first stage they waged war against each other (between humans - just like we have today).
It took some time, but a bigger plan was required, and it just so happened that at the time, our hostile beings came to Earth, in search of food.

You can imagine, that humanity is food for something else, or rather say, used to be, in many, many cases.
For example priests, wearing white robes, having blue eyes, egg shaped heads (orion guys) wanted our giant crystals.

Civilizations from Orion, or from other planes, even the classic reptilians or draconians people always mention on the internet, they all had an interest.
So, if everything works with free will, we could say no, but our secret rulers and our kings had something else in plan.

Atlantis had to fall, as well with all our connections between the friendly worlds we have in our galaxy.

Wait, what-!?
If there are hostile beings to us, then there must be friendly beings to us as well.

Of course, more intelligent than us. So what am I trying to prove here?

In times of war between each other, our friends saw what we did, and our friends tried to give us a helping hand.
Unfortunately, it was too late, because a deal was made.

Negotiation were done by our rulers and the representatives of the so called hostile beings.

What did humanity get?

Harmful technology, to control, suppress and keep the population under fear, without any freedom.
What did they get?

You would not believe me if I tell you that there are beings in other universes who eat human souls, but the list goes far, and at that time, humanity was just getting started, like I said, we were living in harmony.
Our churches (yes, churches) - all designed as healing places, were humans could connect to their guardian angels.

Our vehicles - all driven by water, no electricity, humans back in time were intelligent enough to use what our creators gave us as fuel.
Everything that we had, including giant crystals, where people could go extract information with the left hand, were taken away from us.

Even our hall, we had a giant hall as gathering place for the people living in Atlantis, one of the most important buildings on this planet.
How it went down?

A shockwave, destroying all buildings in Atlantis.

Next day, all volcanoes erupted, due to displacement of tectonic plates, something great fell in the water.

The third day, slowly everything begun to sink. It did not happen all of the sudden, but slowly.
Priests from Orion made sure to put a seal on our heart chakra, also they made sure to modify our DNA, so that no human will live thousands of years ever again.

Scientists often talk about ''junk DNA'', but the truth is, that there is no junk DNA, our DNA is just restricted.
It is true, that humans back in time used to live thousands of years, most ''ancient'' (not really ancient) texts talk about how much we could live, but no text explains what happened to the original life-span of a human being, so for short, our DNA got injected with nano-bots.
We lost Atlantis, people tried to save themselves, they tried to sail to other continents.

Of course, humanity always finds a way, but it was made sure that all our past will stay under the ocean, hence why I always tell you guys:

''our history is under the ocean''.
Some interesting titles:

Journey Of Angels
I Remember Lemuria
Fingerprints of the Gods
The Lost Empire of Atlantis
Return to Sodom and Gomorrah
What it was like to live there?

We did have trees which granted us healing powers, and served as shelter, we did have crystals which stored huge amounts of information, we did have angels coming and going (directly) to Earth, we did have connections to other worlds.
Humanity was still able to use its natural powers, such as merkaba, to travel anywhere we wanted, we did not have a third eye yet, we were free, no tracking devices in Atlantis until the fall.
''What do you mean, we had no third eye?''

There you go, pay attention to this video and learn:
Our human development was great, what we consider ''agriculture'' does not compare in any shape or form to what we have today.

Were people vegan or?

Of course no, humans were extremely smart back then.

We would call for fish (literally call), pray, and make sure that we use everything, no part can go to waste, not even the bones.

We always made sure we paid respect to all that is living, meat or vegetable.
All that grows on Earth has a spirit, from rocks to potatoes, so just knowing this one could figure out that humans back in time were eating more than just apples.
What about our size, were humans giants?

No, but the average adult (male) was above 180 - 6'0 (if I did the conversion right).

What about religion, did humans have a religion?

Everyone had the same belief, all of us were in tune with creation of the sky above us.
What about our love life?

''Marriage'' was done without contracts, under angels of love, and there was no such thing as ''polygamy'', obviously.
What about ''Mu'' (in the picture above)?

It was a continent, before Atlantis, even more special, but I often elaborate about that outside of Twitter.

If anybody wants to know more in detail (actual detail), they can always contact me.

Thank you for the read, have a nice day.
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