In CCHQ there is increasing concern that a relatively unknown official will end up being the fall guy for PM's largesse

Simon Case is overseeing 'ridiculous' cabinet office inquiry into the financing to the flat. 'There is one person who knows that and that's the PM'
No 10 particularly by claims that Carrie Symonds described the flat she inherited as a 'John Lewis furniture nightmare' - claims that are denied

A No 10 emissary reached out directly to Dame Sharon White, JL's chief exec, to deny the claims
Rumours swirled in Westminster last week that Johnson's nanny and personal trainer have been funded by donors

No 10 denies them on the record. 'The PM has personally paid for all childcare and his personal trainer'

But the scrutiny is not going away
A former Johnson staffer tells @matt_dathan they grew tired of hearing him moan about money

They recalled how as Foreign Sec he asked staff for options for 2-week family holiday in Italy

He picked one that cost £14,000

'That was moment I stopped having any sympathy for him'
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