Why do I spend so much time doing research? Because I’m angry at what has been happening to the country. To the church. To what was once a conservative movement that has turned into a non-conservative, anti-Constitutional personality cult.
I get mad when people lie to me. And I get mad when people lie to you. I get angry, not to mention depressed, when people who claim to be Bible-believing Christians are deceived and end up deceiving others.
So instead of expressing my anger in unhealthy ways, or worse, just retreating and becoming apathetic, I pour my frustrations into finding out and proving what is factually true and what is false. And sharing it. And providing enough info that you can prove or disprove it also.
A lot of our leaders today base their careers on either outright lying or through the use of deceptive innuendo, amplifying it through friendly media networks and/or through social media and hoping we don’t do our homework.
They think we’re stupid. And the only way to change that is to do our homework and show them that we know when they’re being dishonest and will call them out on it with the facts.

One of the biggest internal dangers to this country is that too many believe whatever they hear.
This tendency we have to automatically believe people we trust, whether they be our favorite pundit or the local preacher, makes mass deception easier.

A person doesn’t have to convince ten million people of a lie. They just have to compromise ten leaders a million people trust.
And it doesn’t matter what the lie is. Today the lie might be that a human inside the womb is a “blob of cells,” that the election was “stolen” or that there’s some super-secret “Q” guy stopping pedophiles.

Tomorrow the lie could be that a particular world leader is God.
It works the same way. As long as people trust their favorite pundit, preacher or “thought leader” and trust what they say implicitly and don’t verify it themselves, it’s a lot easier to deceive masses of people than it should be.
There was this group of people in a place called Berea, in modern day Greece. And they didn’t automatically believe anything ANYBODY said. Paul the Apostle, the guy who penned half of the New Testament, went to preach to them. And they fact checked him (Acts 17:10-15).
And how were these skeptical fact checkers who didn’t even automatically take the word of the Preacher Man regarded in Scripture?

God said they had “noble character” (Acts 17:11, NIV).
God doesn’t WANT us to automatically trust and believe everything that any man says. He wants us to check.

God even invites us to verify Him.
“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty” (Malachi 3:10a)
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