I find it ironic how the people who follow the data and the science are the ones being accused of being anti science. Anti science is reading the label on a box of masks that says, “Does not protect against viral infection,” and still choosing to wear it.
Anti science is looking at how in red states and states that have dropped their mask mandate, the cases have dropped along with it, and still insisting people will die in droves if we don’t wear one.
Anti science is forcing everyone to take the jab, when the trials aren’t even finished yet, and when the jab is only approved for emergency use, but isn’t FDA approved.
Anti science is making the family in a restaurant walk to the table with their mask on, only to have them touch it and contaminate it, then take it off for the next 90 minutes thinking it’ll “stop the spread.” It’s theater, not science.
Anti science is saying that the baby in the womb is only a clump of cells until it’s actually outside of the womb, even up till 9 months, yet when it’s born two months early, acknowledging that it’s a human.
Those who claim to trust the science, hate science. Science has become a cult of control, and those who don’t worship it are labeled, “Anti science,” while dismissing that we are also pro common sense.
You have every right to wear your mask. You have every right to take an experimental jab, but you don’t have the right to impose your flawed science on the entire world and your belief of it. This is not science, this is control.
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