I grew up in a place called Ribadu cantonment.. in Kaduna....it had a fairly cosmopolitan set up...some sort of potpourri of the Nigerian state..it was through the era of military regime.... Neighbors started getting appointed as military administrators and climbing the Maslow 1/
hierarchical steps,never to come down 🤣,there were the Ogars their dad made Administrator of Kwara and Left,the Oneyas made one for Kano and left,the others to mention a few..The ubiquitous Adogas-brothers from Benue,Tall,dark and huge frames either in the Airforce or Army....2/
Every Idoma Officer household had an Ene who was pretty and the object of every boy on the street admiration...There were the Braimahs,Yohanna Mamman Dickson,The Madakis,Biliyoks,Ayo-Vaughans from Lagos..there was a certain Eramobor street...and the Atawodi girls...heard one 3/
Now heads the Nigerian Netflix office....
There was an Usman who would go on to become Defence Attache in capitals like Cotonou and a classmate Rabi,who was the only one to get french class questions right...4/
Sons headed to the Defence Academy to become Military officers

We saw their progression from officer cadets to now heading brigades in the North East...it's been interesting see the journies and life stories unravel....5/
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