2/ There are a growing number of countries requiring proof of #COVID19 vaccination for travel...18 are currently listed here.

Also the EU just announced they would be open to vaccinated travellers from the USA this summer. https://bit.ly/336woIo 
3/ #COVID19 vaccine certification for travel will likely be a global norm: https://twitter.com/LawrenceGostin/status/1388215713328943104?s=20
4/ There is precedent for this.

Many countries require proof of Yellow Fever vaccination to enter.

If you show up without proper documentation you either:
1. get turned around at the border, or
2. get vaccinated at the border (if available).

Source: https://bit.ly/3u5BQHc 
5/ So regardless of our opinions on the matter, it appears that proof of #COVID19 vaccination will be required for international travel.

May as well be ahead of the curve & quickly find ways to electronically/securely document vaccination status, that meets global standards.
Addendum: Just FYI, there are countries that require Yellow Fever vaccination, regardless (above).

There are *many* other countries that require proof of vaccination for those travelling from a region where Yellow Fever is endemic.

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