Fayemi on security:

There a both constitutional limitations and practical challenges. Theoretically, you are in charge of your state.....sometimes, that your commissioner of police may not take your instructions into account until he has cleared it with... #theplatform
There is no federation that I know in the world that has a unitary police system.

Sometimes, right down to the campus police in the university. #theplatform
I am a governor, I have been harassed by federal police as a sitting governor. People can misuse any power given to them but that is why you have mediating mechanism.

Today, the police council only function as a ratifying structure for the appointment of an IG. #theplatform
Anybody can abuse power and authority but thay cannot be an excuse to continue with this ineffective security system that we have in the country. #theplatform
We will continue to muddle through at best and collapse under the weight at worse. #theplatform
You can devolve responsibility. You can also devolve corruption. #theplatform
As a minister, you are almost totally disconnected with what is happening at the local level because it is power without responsibility. #theplatform
You have enormous power that you are not necessarily accountable for. Your decision to be accountable will be your own choice. #theplatform
Fayemi on Financial Autonomy:

If governors are opposed judicial and legislative autonomy, you know it would not even fly. Governors are not opposed. They are concerned about the modalities for the implementation. #theplatform
Fayemi on how to move the country forward:

One, laidback citizenry. The citizens should hold the legs of the people in government to fire. The space is liberalized and I'm not talking about Twitter revolution now. #theplatform
Go to the wards. Go to the community. Go and challenge what they are doing. Its either you are so effective that you are co-opted into the political class or you win the support of the people that they insist that you represent them.

People focus too much on the politicians. Please focus on what is happening in the civil service. #theplatform
The third is on our capacity to deliver the goods. We don't always get the best eleven in civil service. #theplatform
Me to Fayemi after all he has said: https://twitter.com/we_4re/status/1379944114884636675?s=19
Pastor Poju, how will you rate this government over 10 that you are a part of?

Fayemi: You can't be the judge and jury in your own case.

Lmaoooo #theplatform
I was Director of Research in the 2015 campaign.

In 2015, yes we promised many things but with the greatest respect, I think the most attractive promise that people bought in to was integrity. #theplatform
Pastor Poju is on Fayemi's neck.

Fayemi: it was because the majority believe in the integrity of the general. You could argue that we've put in a lot of effort, have they been effective?

No. #theplatform
Fayemi said there's a decline in insurgency and the audience screamed NOOOOO! #theplatform
Nigeria is too big to fail but Nigeria cannot be managed unilaterally. #theplatform
Question on #EndSARS

Pastor Poju: The agitation was genuine. They feel the governor didn't listen to them. They genuinely wanted change. Now their hope now is that they need to leave this country. What will you say to them? #theplatform
Fayemi: Far from it for me to discourage anyone who want to leave but I will say to them, on our part in Ekiti and even the FG acknowledged that the issues have to be addressed.

I agree that some of them must have been left with frustration if the goal goes beyond police brutality to regime change. You'll work towards it, organise and kick the butt of APC put of office and not create anarchy. #theplatform
Those who hijacked #EndSARS just wanted to create anarchy. That was their end goal. #theplatform
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