It is not that Ford and Hillier didn't realize they could create a simple postcode vaccine look-up and these genius tech guys somehow did. It's that Ford and Hillier specifically chose not to have the govt take a role in centralized, coordinated vaccine access
When people are like 'WHY DIDN"T HILLIER THINK OF THIS EASY VACCINE ACCESS SOLUTION??!' - it's not that Hillier's an idiot. It's that easy, coordinated vaccine access was never his mandate from Ford. He was not supposed to spend money, or set up new structures or systems
Hillier was paid as political cover. The mandate was no new coordinated government structures or spending. Sure, that'll leave chaos and gaps. But charities and others will probably fill them in a piecemeal way. The important, ideological point is that government does not
We keep talking about the chaos and inequity in Ontario's vaccine rollout as a frustrating but accidental bug, that if highlighted to govt, will of course be addressed. It is not the bug. It is the design. The chaos and inequity are the point.
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