Screw you @xr_cambridge. My wife - who gave birth 10 weeks ago and is venturing out for rare 'me time' while I look after the baby - is going to be stuck in traffic because of your selfish, childish antics. @CambsCops grow some balls and arrest these thugs
All your stupid stunts do is make people angrier and angrier and hate you more, hippy soap dodgers. You taint the cause of tackling climate change. You're counterproductive morons who do more than anyone to undermine environmentalism in this country
As for @CambsCops, you're as much use as a marzipan machine gun. We all know you're statistically more likely to aid and abet criminality than do anything to stop it. Useless
In any case, as the government is planning to ban petrol cars, ban gas boilers and god knows what else, what is it that you want? I assume basically to totally shut down the entire country - or at least implement measures that have zero chance of securing democratic support.
So Cambridge XR may claim that they're 'anti-fascist', but the only way they could stand a chance of getting their way would be through an authoritarian, anti-democratic government, which sounds pretty fascist-adjacent to me.
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