This is Shabuddin. He probably died of corona today in Delhi. I am seeing a lot of posts today mentioning him as 'ex-M.P.' from Siwan, Bihar.

Almost everyone in Bihar would be knowing him well. Those people who don't know him, let it be known, he was a dreaded gangster, with ...
... probably around 60 cases on him, including around 40 serious ones of murder and kidnapping. He is the man who killed people by dipping them in acid tanks. Even after being in jail, people were scared of him. Lalu Yadav gave him a place in his party, and made him his M.P. ...
...for his might.

That's the man we are talking about. Don't misunderstand him by reading 'ex-M.P.' You have no idea how many families in Bihar, destroyed by him, would be happy if news of his death turns to be true.

@NijiSachiv , would you please come up with a story on him.
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