Twitter Growth Tips.

If you are on Twitter and want to grow your account, this thread is for you!

How can you go about growing your account?

Read on...
1. Commenting.

This is a popular way to grow on Twitter.

By commenting, you are giving your account exposure.

Comment on account that is in your niche and ideally big accounts.

Do this 30 times a day, and over a period of time you will grow!
2. Comment Retweet.

Retweet other people's tweets but with your comment attached.

Hopefully, the account loves your comment and retweets your message back to their followers.

It gives you exposure and the opportunity to grow!

If your tweets are great, they will get retweeted by others.

The bigger your account, the easier it is to attract retweets.

The more people will see your tweet and the greater the chance of getting a retweet.
4. Networking.

If you build relationships with people, the more likely they will help you out.

By chatting to like-minded people, you can get them to engage where they will like, comment, and retweet your tweets.

You can work with others and groups of other people for mutual benefit.

DMs is your friend, start messaging people!
5. Paid Promotion

You can pay Twitter to advertise your account and content on Twitter.

It will lead to eyeballs on your account and the chance to grow your account.
These are five ways to grow your account.

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