Right I’m leaving this until after the anniversary but I got some things to say (thread) -

@scobie why is it when you look in your comments for W&Ks anniversary photo, it’s literally full of bullies making vile and stupid remarks?
I understand you can’t block everyone and see every comment but you don’t even try. As I said before, you must know your demographic is Meghans fans and therefore must know the abuse the royals are subjected to under your posts.
You turned comments off when you posted that you don’t monitor comments- so why not turn them off for posts that you know will attract hate?
You can’t block one “side” and not the other, it’s bias and you’re enabling the other “side” by doing so.
If you can’t block people then turn replies off, it’s not rocket science. & I understand Meghan attracts hate on ur posts but matter of fact is you’re quick to block people who leave those comments but you don’t block anyone else. You’ve repeatedly turned a blind eye
To abuse under your posts, and I refuse to believe you don’t see it given you do block people who leave comments about Meghan & the comments are literally FLOODED with hate.
And when you allow things like this to happen on your post, you lead everyone to believe you don’t even like the royals and therefore I have to ask why you’re even a RR?
I’ve yet to see you block the people who leave horrible comments about the royals, I would hope you would put your bias aside and do the decent thing & start to block them. Yes, you will probably lose part of your audience if you start doing that
But would you rather have an audience of people who slag peoples looks and create affair rumours, or an audience of decent people who don’t feel the need to make comments like that?
Bye, literally don’t stay in a job where you need to talk about people you clearly dislike on the daily. Do the decent thing and start blocking ANYONE who makes vile comments, not just people who say it about a certain person.
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