In NA 249 bye election, despite a low turnout, all parties are crying foul & claiming rigging. Same happened in Daska recently & in Senate elections. In fact, apart from 1970 election, in every election claims of rigging have raised doubts over credibility of election results.
In 2013 there were 133 NA constituencies' disputes before elec tribunals. We asked for examination of just 4 constituencies' votes & in all 4 rigging was established. But it took us a yr & a 126-days dharna to get a Judicial Comm which found over 40 faults in conduct of elections
Unfortunately no substantive reforms were put in place. Technology & use of Electronic Voting Machines are the only answer to reclaim credibility of elections. I invite the Opposition to sit with us & select from EVM models we have available to restore our elections credibility.
Trump's team did everything to dispute 2020 presidential election result; but bec technology used in electoral process not one irregularity was found. For a year now we have been asking the Opposition to cooperate with us & help reform our present electoral system.
Our govt is determined & we will put in place reforms in our electoral system through the use of technology to bring transparency & credibility to our elections & strengthen our democracy.
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