We have an SoS from my officer. From yesterday night, situation is worsening.. there is no or less supply. We have sos from all hospitals but no reserve: Mehra

We don't know what is going to happen in the next few hours. We don't have oxygen: Mehra

Court records the submissions made Batra Hospital.

..For a period there was no oxygen and due to which 8 patients died : Court records.

Court records the submission by Mehra.
There is no supply or minimal supplies that is delayed : Mehra
We direct Centre to ensure that Delhi receives its 490MT oxygen supply today by whatever means.. Delhi is not an industrial state..it doesn't have cryogenic tankers : Court
It falls on the Central government to arrange tankers as well .. as it only remains a paper allocation. The allocation to Delhi has been in force from April 20 and not for a single day Delhi has received allocated supply: Court

If order is not implemented, concerned authority to remain present in Court on the next date of hearing: Court
We may even consider issuing contempt proceedings: Court

Court issues notice in the plea concerning Indira Gandhi Hospital in Dwarka.
Water has gone above the head. Now we mean business. you will arrange everything now : Court tells ASG Chetan Sharma

ASG Sharma: It is my request that... everybody is stretched..

You made an allocation. You fulfil it : Court

Issue is pending before Surpreme Court: ASG Sharma

Don't tell us that. Eight people have died..will we shut our eyes to people dying in Delhi : Court
Could the court hold it for half an hour : ASG Sharma

No. Enough is enough..who is asking for a dime more than alloacted: Court

Situation is dynamic..: ASG Sharma

We'll see your explanation on Monday if you can't supply: Court
Don't do this, Don't do that. We don't appreciate this. This is a new way of arguing that we are seeing: Court

Aspect on increase of allocation was kept for Monday: Court
If the matter could be deferred by half an hour..Mr Goyal and Ms Dawra will be here: ASG Sharma

Court refuses.
The court will feel completely assured.. centre is doing maximum.. Contempt part will discourage..: ASG Sharma

Bench is not here : Counsel inform
Court master asks counsel to wait.
All matters listed for Monday: Court master

Hearing over.
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