What I think the future of Marvel Games is, (in no particular order)
Intro: so before I get into these are the games that we know are linked

The PlayStation Spider-Man Games and Iron Man VR

Marvel's Avengers is standalone

I am not going to talk about the future of Marvel Avengers because I do not like the game and I think Marvel sees it as 1/2
A failure, it didn't make much money and a lot of people didn't like it. And @JustTankMan did a thread ages ago about the future of Marvel's Avengers so doing the same would just be redundant. 2/2
Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Playable Characters: Peter Parker Miles Morales
Antagonists: Green Goblin and Venom
Developers: Insomniac
Marvel's Daredevil
Playable Characters: Daredevil
Antagonists: Wilson Fisk and The Punisher
Developers: Insomniac
Marvel's Punisher
Playable Characters: The Punisher
Antagonists: Bullseye, Hitman
Developers: Second Dinner
Marvel's Doctor Strange
Playable Characters: Doctor Strange
Antagonists: Mordo Dormamu.
Developers: Literally Anyone
Marvel's Black Panther
Playable Characters: Black Panther
Antagonists: Killmonger, White Wolf.
Developers: Crystal Dynamics
Marvel's Iron Man
Playable Characters: Iron Man
Antagonists: Iron Monger
Developers: Insomniac
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