Salute #CovidWarriors
Stop idolising them as a National Heroes.Real Heroes are these Medical Field Warriors& Individuals who serve the Mankind.Those who serve the Nation need to be"Served" RESPECT🙏
Glimpses of those Heroes
Clip is of Col Dr.Shivam Raj
Making a Thread for Unsung Heroes. Here I want to tag my Covid19 Warriors Group whose afford for just saving 1 life is beyond imagination. Working day & night . Hats off @Fed_Fan_Girl @SayedShadabFar1 @iamrealmohit434 @JaneBaju @BackupBae @Dilraj418 @TheJibrailKhan @Baby_Shithu
Mysore Medical College & Research Institute Lab

#Mumbai City's 24 War Rooms
Working day & night

This must be the toughest job . A 25 years old Dr. Shubhangi Daore dealing with the dreaded call to the families of Covid patients who have died.

"Be The Ray Of Light During Covid19"

A campaign for Saving Lives. I was always a fan of yours Sir 🙏 God bless You !

My City #Gangtok

#Sikkim is the Cleanest State of India.
Disinfecting Day 5 #GMC Sanitation Team
Heart goes out to all the #FrontlineWorkers facing COVID depression,anger, isolation,this is the tribute to them. There are many many such bravehearts I couldn't mention now.

Couldn't help posting this.Let's stop this blame game,Your life is in your own hand. Stay Safe 🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
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