I can't with this man anymore.

Are you serious @BernieSanders?

You'll be stanning for Russia and any anti-Hillary force until your dying day.

SENATOR, most of the capital raiders had good jobs and could afford the technology, time, and expense to be there.

1/ https://twitter.com/LustrousLynx/status/1387769936085409792
The Magas in the region I live in were often fairly well off financially. Well off enough to pay both arms and legs for the array of very expensive Trump signs, Trunp flags, and other types of political detritus to fill their yards and windows and automobiles with.

Your economic disparity argument was never a good fit and was based more on the guiding force of your imagination than in reality.

In 2016 more of the truly impoverished in this nation voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump.

You were wrong then, now, always.

It was white working and middle class voters who were the backbone of the Maga movement and their attachment to Trump was not based on economic malaise SENATOR. It was not.

It was based on their shared tribalism/nationalism/racism that pointed directly toward facism.

And while I am sure that Don appreciates your defense of his loyal army of seditinists I can assure you the rest of us do not.

Time to have a seat @BernieSanders.

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