This article which talks about how an adheenam from Tamilnadu gave a sceptre (ceṅkol) to Nehru at the dawn of freedom. This incident was narrated by Shri Kanchi Mahaswami and recounted in Tamil by Shri S Gurumurthy here.
This was recorded by Mahaswami on
15.08.1978 to Shri Mettur Swamigal
whose purvashrama nama was Shri Rajagopalan.
This was recorded by Dr. P.R.Subrahmanyam who was known as Tevara Doctor in his Tamil book - (1) of 6
Rajaji asked Nehru how he wanted to accept the freedom and what would be the symbolic of that acceptance when power was handed over. Nehru wasn't sure and asked Rajaji to come up
with a solution - (2) of 6
Rajaji knew that during Pattabhisheka that it was the traditional practice to hand over a sceptre. Hence he
decided that rather than accept it from the British, it would be better to get it from a mata guru. - (3) of 6
Rajaji sent word to Tiruvavaduthurai adheenam in Tamilnadu. The gurumahasannidhanam despite having a fever then ordered a cenkol (sceptre) to be made and gold plated and sent it with the junior tampiran and some Oduvars to ing Tevaram and it went on a special plane. - (4) of 6
After it was given to Mountbatten, śuddhi was done with gangatirtham and the Odhuvār recited
Tirujñānasambandhar's KoỊarupatikam ending with the last words arasāỊvār āṇai namade and the sceptre was handed over to Nehru. (5) of 6
The entire patigam was then sung by the odhuvars. Today we remember only the day we got freedom but this event that needs to find a place in every book has not made it. - (6) of 6
Note: Last line means "Whosoever sings this kolarupatigam, they will rule the heavens - this is our decree. Incidentally parayanam of kolarupatigam is prescribed even in times like this. Thanks to Shri @Nidhish_Aaryan for sharing this.
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