If there's one thing that unites center-left and center-right people it's taking pleasure in making fun of the lack of intelligence of people on the far right. I get it. It's good for laughs. Makes us feel superior. But politically, it's a bad thing to do for many reasons.
1) It's bad because it underestimates the real danger those amped up "dumb" people are to the groups Tucker encourages them to hate--immigrants, people of color, non-Christians, queer people, etc. Luntz can laugh this off in part because he's not a likely target of a hate crime.
2) it's bad because it's precisely center-right people like Luntz who are best placed to bring his fellow white conservatives back from the white nationalist brink. The pose of "you Tucker viewers are beneath me" renders Luntz less effective in taming the beast he helped create.
3) Tucker is drawing on a deeply-rooted thread in conservative American political culture. To treat his show (and the people who like it) as a *deficit* of knowledge is a failure to understand why it works. And to combat it, we need to understand it, not just ridicule it.
It was attitudes like Lunz's that helped produce a political culture ripe for the rise of Trump, I'd argue. Here's an older thread where I talked about that at greater length. https://twitter.com/SethCotlar/status/1236360305103360000?s=20
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