Let's shine a Spotlight on this awesome new Idle Champions character and someone who I just love to see every Sunday on Rivals of Waterdeep, played by @ShareefJackson.

Theydies and Gentlethem...It's Shaka time!
Shaka has 2 Ults. One makes a Wall of Light appear around the middle of the screen, enemies take damage from it and they have a 75% chance of missing their attacks.
The other one is the Disintergrating Wall of Light:
"A wall of light appears near the right side of the screen. Enemies that pass through the wall of light take damage and, if they take at least 1% of their max health, have a 50% chance to be disintegrated and die immediately...
Enemies not immediately destroyed gain a white glow under their feet and take 100% more damage for 30 seconds."
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