HEY HEY public defender Twitter, do you think defenders deserve greater resources to protect people from a system bent on doing them harm? Wanna lend a hand to our fam out in LA?

WE NEED YOU AT 9AM PACIFIC ON TUESDAY THE 4TH. Deets below. Please retweet and share widely.
At that time, the LA County Board of Supervisors will be hearing Item #16, Empowering Indigent Defense. It's a chance to say why resourcing the largest public defender system in the nation is vital, life-saving work for Angelenos.

You can tell 'em what you think.
You can file a written comment here: https://publiccomment.bos.lacounty.gov/ 

Or call (877)226-8163 to get “call in instructions." There is a participant code specific to the May 4th hearing, 1336503.
Spread the word, fam. Let's lend our voices and our experiences to help LA County see why this is essential.
And btw if you want to see the specific language of the motion, here it is--basically it instructs the county CEO to work with the chief defender to ensure they are properly resourced.
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