If you have been following me for more than ten minutes you should be familiar with most of these names.
Swarmed by attacks and harassment from information terrorists you say?
Gamergate -> Pizzagate -> QAnon
It is incredibly important to understand this evolution. Almost all of the same operators are STILL DOING THIS.
“They already know their part in the play” applies regardless of what “side:” you happen to be on. These days, it increasingly applies to the LEFT.
THE CADRE started with Gamergate
The people who got attention in Gamergate went on to “storm the GOP Convention”
“Infowars jumped on the Gamergate bandwagon” because of COURSE they did.
Breitbart contributor: Gamergate led to the Trump presidency.
[nods in disgust]
Roger appreciated the Gamergaters.
Weev is really quite a piece of work. https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1387898071111979009
Literally the same thing with new and improved game mechanics, added trauma videos and a central LARP.
Posobiec is a GRU asset and a literal nazi. https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1387474562456055810
One tweet -> armed attack.
This was not the *failure* of Pizzagate, it was the *successful test* of Pizzagate.
This is an amazing summary of QAnon. Sex trafficking + Russia cover up = QAnon. Mmm hmm.
Wow, Chuck Johnson basically describes acting like Q in Gamergate in 2014. 🧐
lulz. “Dreamcatcher” is James Brower a MAGA chud who seems to have disappeared — possibly into federal protection 🤷‍♂️

This entire op was bullshit designed specifically to cover up a change in management.
Roger knew. They all did. They were testing out a bunch of LARPs on 4chan through 2017, and Q is the one that finally took off. It was always going to move to 8chan.

Why? Because that exactly how Gamergate worked.
Rape, pedophilia and racist violence generates trauma which leaves the mind open to undue influence. They know what they’re doing. https://twitter.com/jimstewartson/status/1383802404789919763
Radicalization is simple. De-radicalization is not. Trauma is psychological damage. It is HARM. The victims need help.
After recent events, it may, thank god, be neither of their Americas anymore.
We sure know now.
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