AAPI Heritage Month begins tomorrow! More than ever, elevating our community’s diverse stories is critical. This is a month to celebrate our culture and people, who make up 15% of NYC’s population!

Here’s some of what you need to know 👇
We are a diverse community that is rapidly growing:
-7 in 10 Asian New Yorkers, like my parents, are immigrants
-16.2% of NYC public school students are Asian
-Asian New Yorkers are diverse, with roots in everywhere from Japan to Cambodia to India and beyond
This month we must also acknowledge our community’s struggles:
-83% of NYC’s seniors living in poverty are Asian
-1 in 4 Asian Americans have experienced a hate incident
-Asian owned small businesses saw the greatest decreases in revenue from COVID-19
Let’s celebrate our culture and people proudly - and be sure to support your local Asian businesses!
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